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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bits and Pieces

People Watch:

My High School Theatre Director, Mary Ann is wearing lace Toms, DKNY jeans and an Anthropologie shirt. I love how organic and pastel her look is!

My friend Sami is wearing jeans from Marshalls and adorable lace boots from Forever 21. The detailing and color on the pants are amazing. I wish they were mine.

Haley has had two really cute looks in the past week. In the first one, she is wearing a Free People shirt and dress with Nordstrom boots, and in the other she wears a shirt from TJ Maxx and jeans from American Eagle.

My mommy looks super stylin' for Temple services. Everything except her shoes were from Nordstroms. Her jacket is L'Agence and her shirt is Theory.


Ever wanted do to your hair like this?

Watch the video tutorial below. It's only 3 minutes long!


Halloween's coming up, in only a little over a month! I don't know how many of you are going to dress up, but it's fun to put together Halloween outfits anyways.
In the next month, I'll have a Halloween countdown, with costume ideas.

34 Days Until Halloween

Costume Idea #1
Belly Dancer
Inspired by sidecca.com

Head and Neck:


Available in red, brown, black, gold (pictured), silver, pink, grey, blue.


Available in red, black (pictured), blue, white, pink, purple, light blue, orange.


(I adore arm cuffs with a passion.)


Keep in mind that this look is intended for those over the age of 17! It's pretty revealing.

The great thing about Halloween sites/clothing is that there are pieces that are perfect for year-round wear, not just Halloween. Here are the accessories I will have to convince myself I don't need:

Nylon Stripe Tights (On sale for $4!)

I love the trend of ruffled socks with heels. It's so cute!

This skull bracelet, available in red, pink, multi-colored, and turquoise (pictured)

And this skull bracelet, on sale for $5!


And these seamless shorts, available in every color imaginable. I need these to wear under dresses and skirts.

I guess I know what I'm spending my next paycheck on! Sidecca.com is my new favorite store! They have awesome dresses and retro clothing, too. 

Outfit of the day:

I believe this picture is from lookbook.nu. It's one of my favorite sites! People from all around the world post their outfits.

Oversized shirt, patterned tights, high socks, and booties. Perfect for hanging out in the Fall with friends.

For an oversized shirt like the one in the pictures, I would check your Dad's closet, or visit Goodwill. It's the store of the thrifty gods.

Patterned tights can be bought anywhere, like these and these.

Same with high socks. If you don't already have some at home, these or these would be perfect.

As far as boots go, I adore these, these, and these.

Good luck!

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