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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Is A God

Jeffrey Campbell
My guilty pleasure in shoes (as in, the shoes I could never afford/don’t own any of but want all of) is Jeffrey Campbell. I’ve found that the widest selection of his shoes to buy online is at urbanoutfitters.com. Here I’m just going to post pictures of all my favorites… I hope you love them as much as I do!
Jeffrey Campbell Leather Lita Boot $159.00

Also available in tan, black, and brown.
Purchase here
This is his most recognized style of shoe; if you go to specialty stores you can find really funky patterns!

Jeffrey Campbell Smooth Damsel Platform Boot $150.00

Also available in red and brown.
Purchase here
Gives you height (tons of it) and are way easier to walk in than stilettos!

Jeffrey Campbell Spiked Lita Boot $195.00
Also available in red, yellow, and white.
Purchase here

Jeffrey Campbell Cat Tapestry Lita Boot $160.00
Purchase here
Yes, cats! And there’s a dog one too…

Jeffrey Campbell Dog Tapestry Lita Boot $160.00

Purchase here

Jeffrey Campbell X UO Spiked 99 Tie Wedge $178.00
Also available in black.
Purchase here
For those who want some height, but not too much.

Jeffrey Campbell Mattie Boot $180.00
Purchase here
For those who don’t really want height.

Jeffrey Campbell 8th Street Patent Spike Boot $175.00

Purchase here
They’re Docs! With spikes! Jeffrey can do no wrong.

Jeffrey Campbell Roxie Rockaway Lace-Up Boot $198.00

Also available in black and brown.
Purchase here

Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk Lita Boot $198.00

Also available in silver and brown.
Purchase here
Okay, so I actually tried these on for prom last year, and I didn’t end up buying them (although I’m not sure why, I loved them). It may look like these are impossible to walk in, but they’re actually really easy to use and comfortable!

Jeffrey Campbell Damsel Spike Platform Wedge $198.00

Purchase here
More spikes!

Jeffrey Campbell Roks Wedge $148.00

Purchase here
I love this pattern. 

If you love these shoes as much as I do but don't have money, try these less expensive, but similar style from Love Culture:

Killer Studs Boots $44.90
Also available in black and red.
Purchase here

Killer Studs Wedge Booties $43.90
Also available in tan.
Purchase here

Color Block Chunky Heels $35.90

Purchase here

My Senior Cruise post will come in the near future!

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