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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Senior Cruise!

Okay so it’s almost Senior Cruise time, and if you don’t have an outfit yet, work fast!

I would recommend going to the mall as soon as possible.

I have picked two stylish and reasonably priced stores for you to take a look at. For each store, I will offer a few options.

Keep in mind, maxi dresses are in, and they will keep you warm! If you wear a shorter dress, I would seriously consider wearing a cardigan or light sweater. Careful not to go too spring/summery!

Most girls I have asked are wearing heels. Be mindful, you’ll be on your feet for a good amount of time, so make sure you have heels that are comfortable. I’ll probably wear my Docs.

Love Culture
Maxi dress options:

Short and sweet:

 Peplum is a huge trend this season! My dress  for the cruise is peplum.

(Also available in tan, red, and black)

(Also available in tan, black, and pink)

I love the back detail! (Also available in tan and red)

So pretty and unique! (Also available in tan and yellow)

Again, be very careful not to go to summery.

(Also available in pink.) I love this because of the playful pop of color!

 (Also available in black)

(Also available in blue, pink, and black)

Wedges can also be very cute and much more comfortable (in my opinion). Stray away from corked-bottom or espadrille wedges; these are a bit too summery.

These are a good example of super cute wedges. (Also available in blue and reddish orange)

Keep warm and look cute!

(Also available in tan and pink)

And there are tons more at the store itself. There’s a super cute giraffe one that I’m in love with!


It needs to hold your phone, keys, money, and anything else important to you. Crossover bags are best for comfort and ease in carrying.

This might be a bit too small. (Also available in orange)

(Also available in mint green)

(Also available in red and orange)

(Also available in pink) Preppy!

Forever 21:
Maxi dresses:

Depending on how you accessorize this, it could become too informal.

Short and sweet:

I love the cut and color!

The perfect LBD. And the back is stunning!

Lace is lovely.

More lace!


This one is probably warmer and very comfortable.
(Also available in white and yellow)

(Also available in dark yellow and navy)

Blazers and blazer-style cardigans like this one are perfect for a more casual dress.

An extra-long cardigan is great with a shorter dress. 


These would be super cute with a LBD!

"Booties" are so fall.

Oxford platforms rock my world.
(Also available in dark brown)


I love how this is two-tone! It's so cool.

(Also available in red, yellow, and blue)

I just adore knit scarves. They're so home-y.
(Also available in tan, black, and blue)


(Also available in black)

(Also available in blue)


(Also available in black)

Still loving the two-tone thing! It's like a more sophisticated colorblocking.

I hope this helps you find an outfit! And if you've already found one, I hope this helps you accessorize fashionably:)


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