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Welcome to 500 Days of Style! After a recent trip to my fashion capital of the world, Paris, I decided to amp up my style, and chronicle it on this blog!
Hope you enjoy it, and it inspires you to be super stylish (even on a low budget, like me!)
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Friday, September 30, 2011

Forever 21 Haul

I went to Forever 21 today with my sisters and mom :) I bought accessories and four skirts! To show you, I decided I'd start making my hauls (they aren't that common...) into videos!  Here's my haul from today:

Day Nine-The Various Hairs of Me

So this is it - the true HAIR post.  Be ready, in the upcoming post will be all the crazy colors I have dyed my hair, as well as the various accessories I have put into it.  (Oh, and I'm dressed as an alien for a lot of the pictures.. more on that later)
Ready? Set? HAIR

So, I dyed my hair "teal" for the first ever me-dying-my-hair. (lost yet?)  Because of the bleach underneath the "teal", it turned green.  I had it in for over a month and I loved it.. until I got sick of it.  But here's how it looked green:
You can't tell, but in this hair, I also have a small yellow feather from a fair on Martha's Vineyard
Here it is:
I just took it out a few days ago..
Here's the cool stuff!  In France, I learned the french version of the American hair wrap.  There, it starts at the base of  your neck, and is much thicker... I may have got carried away with mine (yes, I did them all by myself!) and I ended up doing three!  I loved them very much, but ended up taking them all out after about a month.
Here they all are, this is how they normally looked:
They all went pretty low, at least to my waist if not to my hips:)
Here are the first two I had done to myself, both on my right side:
The other one was my rasta wrap! It was a bit shorter, and thicker than the other two, and it was on the left:
My puppy (pictures later on this post!) fell in love with this one, and it came out in one full piece, so now it's one of his favorite chew toys :)

So, once I was too bored with the green, I dyed the hair pink.  I actually meant to dye it purple, but I wanted a lighter purple, so I only left the dye in for 7 minutes, and it turned out VERY light
(that's my profile picture...)
Because it was so light, and I left the dye in for such a little time, the hair dye washed out/faded really fast, looking like this after only a few days:
Here's another shot of the faded hair (this time with a puppy:D) :
He's an English Golden Retriever male named Sengie.  In the picture he's only 7 weeks old!  Now he's about 9 weeks old I believe.

So I liked this light hair, but I felt that it was too stand-out and I wanted a more subtle color.  I wanted to try a dark purple, so yesterday I attempted to try that, by leaving the purple dye in for 40 minutes.  Sadly, my hair is even more "poppy" now, at a vibrant pink-purple.  I'm planning on dyeing it a dark blue in a few days to a week.  But, I took advantage of the ET-like hair by doing a fashion shoot.  At first, it was just cool makeup, but it escalated into an alien fashion shoot... :/  I looked pretty boss though, so I'm okay with it...
First, here's a picture of just the new hair color:

now, just enjoy a string of pictures of me as an alien
You're welcome :)

I feel super ego-tistical looking at all these pictures of myself... whatever, focus on the hair and the makeup
BY THE WAY I am wearing silver eyeshadow on my cheeks and my bottom lip, and black eyeshadow on my top lip, if you were wondering:)
And YES I am dressing up as an alien now for halloween


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day Eight-Sonia & Kyra

I was gonna do a my hair post today (my hair accessories and the crazy colors I've been dyeing it), but I'm dyeing it purple tomorrow... so I'll wait till I get those pics too!
So today I'll show the multifarious looks of my youngest sister, Sonia.
She's an attention whore-she constantly asks me to take pictures of her outfits!  Here are the few I conceded to...
If you don't know my sister, here's a picture of her face. She doesn't like smiling in pictures, she thinks she'll be a model (she's 4'8" and 12 years old...) so she has to be forced to smile in pictures!

Here's her first look.  She wanted to have a coy, over the shoulder pose, and it makes me laugh, so here it is:
Here's the picture of the actual outfit (she has another of her looking pretty sassy to the front, but I prefer the smiling):
I'm not actually sure where the clothes come from, but I'm pretty sure her shirt's from Marshalls, and her shorts are A&F (Kids)

Here is look Two (if you reference the "Hair" post, this is the hair she wore with the boho band):
I don't know what she's wearing, but it's probably all from A&F Kids.  She looks adorable though!

Look Three (the boho girl):
Honestly, I don't really like the shirt, but I'm happy that she is starting to take after me-wearing a little bit different clothes, along with the fact that she's starting to go boho, which I adore:)

So that's all I agreed to take for Sonia... my other younger sister on the other hand, Kyra, I only have one picture of!  She's really gorgeous, she's 14 and 5'
Here's her one picture:
We're on Martha's Vineyard (in this picture), and she festively bought a MV shirt! (Even though we live there every summer...)  


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day Seven-A few more outfits

Here are the rest of the outfits from the summer that I've uploaded... after this, the outfits should me more current!

Here's my favorite Urban Outfitter's shirt.  I'm wearing flowered shorts from Marshall's and my stable white cardigan :)

Here's the same shirt again, a little differently.  This time I tried to stay in the blue's/purple's family-purple shirt, dark purple skirt, and a blue bandeau
Here it is again from the side:

Here's the next look:) I loved it! But I felt too self conscious to wear it out-with my bellybutton showing! :/
(The skirt is from Delia's by the way)

Here are the two fall outfits I have actually put together and photographed thus far...
I wore this one to the mall and movies.  The shorts are thicker (for fall) and they are high waisted:) They're from H&M
Here is the final product, with the light cardigan: 

And lastly, I got a new shirt from Forever21! I love it:) It's a tank, but thicker, so it's good for fall


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day Six-a few summer outfits

Sidenote before I forget-I opened comments up! So I think everyone can comment now:)

So today I'm going to try to get most of the outfits I wore in the summer on here.. sorry if it's long!

Here's the first one-just a casual warm summer day
I'm wearing my new Bob Marley tank (!! I love it), my flannel t-shirt (it's pretty warm-less than a sweater but more than a cardigan, and I would recommend everyone get a flannel-it's useful in all seasons), a 344 bandeau, and some LoveCulture shorts.  [loveculture.com just put out their fall clothes!  They're super adorable]

Second-Dinner At Home With The Relatives:
I felt super cute in this target dress (Yes! it was only $25 or something, but looks far from cheap)
The vest I got for around $4 from a second-hand/thrift store. It's a throwback that still works today, and with a combination of outfits :)

Third and Fourth-One of My Favorite Shirts:
I almost didn't buy this shirt, but my mom convinced me! I'm glad she did because it's super slimming and I adore it.  The only problem is that it's a bit heavy, but that didn't really matter until I was trying to get my suitcase under 50 pounds... ;)
In the first look, it's a pretty casual summer day, with this shirt (forever21 by the way) and LoveCulture shorts
(It's a peacock design, by the way)
And in a side view you can see how wonderfully slimming it is

Another way I wore this shirt was with my new jeans for the annual fireworks
So, that's why it's my favorite!
(and here's the confident face I wear with it)

Fifth (and last) outfit-Beach-Goer:
I'm wearing a super-clashy but in a haphazard, cute way (I hope?) with a bandeau bathingsuit underneath!  The bathingsuit was a gift, so I'm not sure where it's from.  But the shirt is LoveCulture, and the shorts are Soffe (so comfy!)


Friday, September 23, 2011

Day Five-the smallish-medium size bag

First of all, happy first day of Fall!  Fall is my favorite season:)

Okay, so I love bags, but I tend to buy large bags and totes and never end up buying them because I find them very bulky, and they can take away from an outfit.  The same problem happens with wallet-purses and small wristlets (I love my Coach wristlet,) but they tend to be too small and don't fit my ipod and phone (which I cannot live without my iPod, the phone is only a necessity for my parents).
So I compromised by buying two smallish-medium sized bags in France
Neither are really authentic french, one is from H&M, and the other is Native American.  But I adore them both!

Here's the first:

And this is it opened-its super easy especially because it's a snap close
And to get an idea of the proportions, here it is on me:
It's one of my favorite bags-it's very stylish and cute and goes well with any outfit.   In addition, it hold SO much!  It can fit my large clutch wallet, my cell, my iPod, my gum, and gloss/lipstick and a mirror if I want... and there's still room after that!  And a total bonus was that it was on sale for only 3 euros, which is like 5 american dollars :)

Here's the second, the Indian bag:
It fits just as much as the other bag, and is so adorable and different

So, I would advise you to go out and get a small-medium bag!  With fall starting (today!) you'll need a bag big enough for your gloves, as well as your other staples - that won't be weighing you down!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

This post is dedicated to my best friend, Hattie :')

Dear Hattie,
I miss you.  Move to Mass.  You're gorgeous and I hope your life stops sucking soon... <3

Reasons Hattie is freaking awesome:

1. She changes up her hair real well:)
Just look at that gorgeous blue! Teehee
This pink/green fade tips look is so hot, but especially her gorgeous face is the best in this picture<3
This is her lovely face again, this time with teal tips:) She looks foxxy
This is her lovely purple hair (super freaking cute), and she's wearing the best outfit, grey and purple are darling together and I like how she has the purple in her hair and in her shorts:)
And this is it with the color faded out! She looks super hot in her bathing suit-perfect for her skin color-and she has the best body out of anyone I know
It's still this color today:)

Reason 2: She cleans up real good:D
This is her for a school dance (she's all the way to the right)... obviously she looks wayy better than all the snitches in the photo
I like this picture because Hattie looks so happy and she has the cutest smile, wayy cuter than those other two... actually like a million times prettier
And here is her literally banging body from the side, getting a rose from a very sexy older man

Reason 3: She has awesome fashion
Cutest bathing suit color for her darker hair, and a boss pair of sunglasses
This is my best friend in the cutest shirt (and cut) ever with some random less-beautiful girl
With her awesome older sister, Lucy, in a super cute blue and yellow top
So I like this one because it's just freaking adorable <3

Reason 4: She's my best friend
(those are our feet and legs)

Hattie is beautiful, kind, sweet, and my little angel<3 She's always there for me just like I hope I am for her