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Friday, September 7, 2012

2 Days of School and Look of the Week

Hello lovelies!

Yesterday I made the Doctor Marten Appreciation Post, so I didn't post my outfit but I'm pretty proud of it.

I wore a body-con (that stands for body conscious, or form fitting) skirt that I got for only $10 at a discount shop in Chicago. It's perfect--I wear it all the time. On top I wore a shirt from Love Culture (that I got for my birthday two years ago!) with a burgundy bandeau from 344 underneath. The key piece to this outfit was my vest. It's from Hollister, but I actually got it about three or four years ago from a friend who had rarely worn it and thought I might like it. I did, but I never wore it because I could never figure out what to wear it with. Now that I wore it yesterday, I have fallen head over heels in love with it! It not only looks good over a body-con skirt, but it would look really good over a tank top and skinny jeans. I'll try this look later in the year and post it when I do.
Here's the vest on it's own:

Cute, right?

So today I kept it pretty casual, with a loose black tank top from Forever 21 (Love Culture's rival store! Whoops.) over the (same) red bandeau. It says "Life is too important to be taken seriously." It's an Oscar Wilde quote. He's the quote God, I swear. To give some pop to the black shirt, I'm wearing flowered jean shorts from Marshall's (I think, they were a gift) and a neon green headband from Goodie.

I'm wearing my favorite cardigan from Delia's. I'll make a favorites post soon!

And here's the look of the week (LOTW):

It's from an Urban Outfitter's catalogue from last summer (or possibly this summer, I can't remember).  I decorate my wall with Urban catalogue pictures, and this one always catches my eye when I walk into the room.

(my favorite is the poster in the middle of the green wall-it's by Matt Cavanaugh and I got it in a pop up shop in Philly!)

The look is amazing, but only if you are tall and thin. So of course, I can't wear it, but if anyone tall and thin reads this blog I implore you to go out and buy a solid colored maxi dress and a super-short solid (or patterned) crop top with short or long sleeve.

To finish it off, here's the outfit my friend, Kira, was wearing today. She always looks so cute and put together so I'm glad I asked for a picture!

She's wearing a black dress with accent wedges and looks like she could have just walked out of NYFW (New York Fashion Week). Speaking of, Fashion Week is this week! More to come on that.

I'll talk to you guys again later!

P.S. If anyone has a tumblr and wants to follow my fashion blog on there, here's the link!

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