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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

People Watch

I have a few short “people-watching” pics to upload.

First, my mom has been wearing this shirt all summer and she says she found it in the back of her closet from when she was in college!
I love it.

Second, a girl who also works at Love Culture wore this outfit to work:

Isn’t it amazing? The shorts and cardi are from Urban Outfitters and the shirt is from Spencer’s. It’s Kid Cudi! And actually, I really want to get the awesome bodysuit behind her. That's where I work!

This is one of my best friends, Margaret. Her necklace is from Indonesia!

On an unrelated but kind of related note, I took Margaret's senior picture over the weekend! I also took my best guy friend, Tyler's pictures too. I adore taking senior pics because portrait photography is my favorite, ever. Here are my favorites:

Oh! And here’s my outfit from yesterday.

I was wearing black leggings and a dark grey top with a flowy Mink Pink grey shirt over it. The shirt was from Urban Outfitters and it’s great with leggings because, as you can see, it goes long enough in the back that I don’t feel self conscious.

On a final note, I just saw that Kendall and Kyle Jenner walked at NYFW for Sherri Hill Prom and Pageant Wear. 

They actually look pretty great! I kind of love the pink dress.

Talk to you soon,

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