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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Doctor Marten Appreciation Post

My Docs are everything to me. Everything. In the last two years I’ve worn shoes that aren’t Docs maybe twice. My first pair of Docs is beat up—I like to say well loved. When I did circus camp in France I had to trek a mile through the mud every day. Wearing my Docs, I was problem-free. I even carried a young girl Eleanor on my back every trip so she wouldn’t get her shoes messed up. My Docs were literally caked in mud, but you can’t tell! My socks didn’t get wet because of the platforms (that’s another thing I love—they give me an extra couple inches!), and the shoes are military style so they are made just for walking through the mud. They are cloth, so they only took about a week to break in.
(in action)

On the other hand, my second pair of Docs is leather. They are shiny and pink and beautiful, with a popping color that just catches the eye.  The only downside to the newer ones is that they have taken about a month to break in—I still have to wear knee high socks folded down to keep my ankles and shins from bleeding all over the inside of the shoe. Another upside of Docs is that they are meant to be scuffed up, so the more destroyed they are, the better; you don't need to worry about keeping them clean and pristine.

(in action)

So, would you consider getting Docs? They may be on the more expensive side, but they are more than worth it if you wear them just half as much as I do.

A new collection the Docter Marten store just released is the Agnes Dean Collection. For Docs I tend to only like the calf-high boots, and this collection is no exception. The boots are Aggy 1490s and they are shockingly shiny, and come in black and burgundy.  The platforms seem to be taller than regular Docs.  I’m undecided on these. I really love the color of the burgundy but I think I would prefer it in a suede. I also think the platforms on these are a bit high.

 Alright, let’s discuss some other awesome boots Dr. AirWair Martens have come out with.
Other shoes in the same style as my pink (1460 Womens) are: black, white, red, pink, etc.
I kind of love the vintage 1460 style because of the suede feel. Although they aren’t available until spring I would definitely consider buying some suede pastels for my next pair. They are absolutely gorgeous.  Now, the vintage 1460/regular 1460 colors are: black, burgundy, purple, green, white, brown, dark blue, etc.  The regular 1460s are usually about $120.00 while the vintage are $200.00. If given the option, I would go with the cheaper ones—they’re still just as well-made.
I have a special soft spot for the 1460 London Jack shoes. I am practically in love with them. I would definitely consider buying them for my tour to England in June!

I don’t like the boots that are higher than mid-calf-high. It shortens people (making a shortie like me look even smaller) and must be such a pain to break in and just to lace up and lace down every time you wear them, it doesn’t seem worth it.
The leather Docs, although painful to break in, come in the absolute greatest colors! Take a look at these stunners.

Their floral patterns are also superb. Some of these I’m just seeing for the first time today and WOW. They’re lovely.

 ( I love these! They are so delicate)

Check out these splatter paint ones! I’ve also never seen these. They are super cool but I think they might be a bit tall for someone like me. They are also a bit more expensive, at $145.00

I’ll just come right out and say that I dislike most of the Docs heels as well as the fur ones.

If you’re even considering getting Docs, scroll through the website,dmusastore.com and see what you like! The best place to buy Docs in person is at the Doc Marten NYC store in Soho.

Talk to you soon!

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