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Welcome to 500 Days of Style! After a recent trip to my fashion capital of the world, Paris, I decided to amp up my style, and chronicle it on this blog!
Hope you enjoy it, and it inspires you to be super stylish (even on a low budget, like me!)
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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ostentatious October

First, some looks and other bits:

This is Dani. She looks super country (and super cute)! Her plaid shirt and shorts are from American Eagle, her tank is BP from Nordstrom and her shoes are Frye.

Here’s Margaret again. I’m in love with her pants. They’re the line So from Kohl's.
I snagged this pic of Olivia at play rehearsal. Her pants are from Marshalls!

I got a new camera! It’s fisheye. It was on sale at Urban Outfitters for $10 (from an original $50!) and takes film. I’m in love with it. I’ll upload some of the pictures when they develop.
For those who aren’t sure of what fisheye is, here are some fisheye pics I took with my fisheye lens (for my phone). I got the lens at Urban too!

My best friend Hattie was up this weekend. We played it easy because of my concussion, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look cute! Here she’s wearing my denim shirt that I got at Godwill with her. We bleached it together.
I miss her so much already it's insane.

Recently I’ve become obsessed with pulling collars out under sweaters. I saw some detachable collars with skulls on them that I’m in love with a few days ago, and I think they may have spurred my newfound love.
Yesterday I wore my pink docs, jazz tights, H&M high-waisted shorts, vintage Canada sweatshirt from Philly and my striped button-down from Goodwill. See what I mean about the collar poking out? I think it gives the look a very unique feel.
Today I followed the collar trend yet again, with simple Moschino leggings, my Vineyard crewneck and underneath my (CHECK) Silence & Noise button down from Nordstrom’s. The shirt’s insanely soft…I’m in love with how it feels.
Teen Vogue is holding a competition (or whatever you’d call it) for best dressed. All you need to do is send in a picture of your best look, you can win a trip to New York for a photoshoot and a Coach bag! What look should I use?

I’ve been spending some time on this website, looking at costumes. I still don’t know if I’m going to dress up this year, but here are some ideas for you. Keep in mind that this is probably the last week to order online! I love these prices, too.
I bet Hunger Games is going to be huge this year. Here’s the District 12 shirt.
Alice in Wonderland is my favorite thing of all time.
This is so cute! But please, if you buy this, do not under any circumstances wear uggs with fur on the outside.
This is also super cute and super inexpensive.

Sometimes adult costumes have the tendency to be too revealing and not at all true to life. Here are some I that I found to be moderately appropriate while still cute:
So easy!
This is good for keeping you warm in the coldness of October.
It is possible to be sexy without being insanely revealing. Exhibit A.
Exhibit B. This is fierce.
If I could wear any of these, it would probably be this. What a good idea!
Someone from my school wore this last year and rocked it!
Any boy who wants to win the hearts of all girls with a sense of humor…should wear this.

Spirit Week days for the High School were just announced! They are, in order: Color Day, America Pride Day, Career Day, Safari Day, and Warrior Pride Day. Here are some suggestions:
Color Day:
Use what you have in your closet! If you can’t find anything, ask around to see who has hair ribbon or face paint in your grades’ color and wear that.
America Pride Day:
Have you heard of Savers? It’s this Goodwill-esque store in Natick, near the mall. Go there. I went with my friend over the weekend to buy some sweaters, and it was insane the amount of America-inspired clothing there was (and all under $10!).
If you don’t want to shop cheaply (and why not?!) here are some ideas from Urban:
For girls:

Buy shirt
Buy jacket
For boys:
These pants are amazing.
For both:

Buy scarf
Buy hat
Career Day:
My advice: double up with something for Halloween (ideas can be found above and in this and this post).
If you’re really scrambling the day of, just be Miss America (or Miss Massachusetts or Miss Universe, etc.) Wear a formal dress, a tiara, and a sash.
Safari Day:
Animal prints! And ears! And makeup! Or you could just be the people in the car. (Just google “safari hat.” Or you could buy this or this.)
iParty is perfect for this day.
You could buy these headbands or these or these 
Or check out any of these masks:
This and the one below both come with 12 masks per package so ask all 11 of your friends to chip in $.50 and wear these together.
Feeling creative?
These are terrifying.
Warrior Pride Day:
From the classic Indian headdress to blue facepaint, as long as you’re showing school spirit you can’t go wrong. Last year, I wore a headdress and painted my face! You don’t have to be that “out there,” though. Just some blue and white clothing would be fine.
(Me and Margaret last year)

Game Day?:
I went to the football game last weekend and was faced with a terrifying dilemma. What to wear? I had to look cute (gotta impress the adorable football players) but stay warm.
Here are some ideas for those who, like me, have no clue what to wear on a Friday night
Urban Outfitters:
Outfit one –
This sweater 
Over this shirt in green
These pants 
And these boots in any color
Outfit two –
This sweater in black and white 
With these pants 
This scarf in “purple” 
And these shoes 
Forever 21:
This jacket 
Over this pullover 
With these pants 
And this scarf in white
Outfit Two –
Show your school spirit with this jacket 
These pants 
This top 
These fingerless mittens 
And this hat 

Free People:
Free People, although totally out of my budget, is one of my favorite stores, like, ever. I would highly recommend "liking" them on Facebook. From their posts today I discovered beautiful new nail polish that's free of harmful chemicals and different ways to wear body jewels!


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