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Sunday, October 21, 2012


This week I've been taking pictures of some of my favorite spirit week outfits. I didn't get all of them though! Sometimes it's awkward to stop people in the hallway...
Enjoy :)

Day One - Color Day

Freshman wore yellow

Sophmores wore green

Juniors wore red

 HI Charlie! (He reads my blog)

And Seniors wore black

(I'm obsessed with Haley's shorts)

Day Two - American Pride Day

This day was my favorite as far as "fashion" goes.

 The sweaters above and below are the most adorable things ever.

 Hi Christina! (She reads my blog too) I love love love your dress and it looks amazing on you!

Jake won for best outfit on American Pride Day! Congrats, Jake

"America's Sweetheart"

 Both Margaret and I wore dance costumes

Day Three - Career Day

I was a tattoo artist!

Day Four - Safari Day

 This outfit is one of my favorites of the whole week. She looks so cute!

 Yes, she did this herself!

Day Five - Warrior Pride Day

You can't tell, but her hair is sprayed blue!

And to finish it off...

 Mrs. Seri kissing a fish!
 Our amazing hosts

Best spirit week ever

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