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Welcome to 500 Days of Style! After a recent trip to my fashion capital of the world, Paris, I decided to amp up my style, and chronicle it on this blog!
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Last Minute Career Day Ideas!

If you haven't started thinking about career day yet (or you still can't think of anything!), here are some last minute outfits you can throw together with stuff in your closet:
Artist: paint-stained tee, overalls, paint on the face, hair in a messy bun with paintbrushes or pencils in it
Chemist: lab coat, goggles, test tubes
Doctor: lab coat or scrubs, stethoscope
Veterinarian: lab coat, stuffed animal with stuffing coming out through a rip
Librarian: collared button down, square glasses on a chain, books, pencil skirt
Judge: black robe and gavel
Funeral: black suit, black hat, somber expression
Author: pjs, messy hair, and a lost, frustrated look
Fitness instructor: For guys - muscle tee, sports shorts, hair spiked up ; For girls - yoga tank, lulus with spandex underneath, water bottle, hair in a pony tail with a headband
Photographer: any clothes, camera with big flash, a tripod, bother people to take their picture all day. Bring pictures of "your work" cut out from magazines.
Garbage collector: jeans, solid shirt, black trash bag
Actress/Model: fashion-forward clothing, big sunglasses, stuffed animal of a small dog (ex. chihuahua)
Movie director: jeans, shirt, megaphone, scarf
Pro NFL Player: (for guys) jersey, jeans, war paint, 2-3 dolls with various skin colors (channel Brad Pit)
Clown: huge shoes, colorful patterned shirt and bottoms, clown face paint
Ref: black pants, black and white striped shirt, whistle
Farmer: overalls, plaid shirt, a straw hat
Chef: white apron, white chef's hat
Singer: fashionable clothing, microphone

Remember, these are just suggestions!
Good luck,


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