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Monday, October 22, 2012


I recently stumbled upon the most amazing shoes website I've ever seen (besides the Doc Marten's online store, of course)! It's called solestruck.com. Check it out! The only think I don't like about the website is that they don't show the shoes on someone's feet. That could be helpful for a few of these.

Here are some of the products they offer:

Black Milk X Jeffrey Campbell
(two of my favorite things together...ohemgee)
The line has four different styles with three different "colors," a comic print, nebula print, and bones print. Here are the four styles in the various colors:

Lita Fab
(available for purchase here)

Night Lita

(available for purchase here)

99 Tie
(available for purchase here)

(available for purchase here)

(aka the studded boots label)
Here are some of the shoes they sell that I love:

(also in black, brown, and tan. available for purchase here)

(available for purchase here)

(available for purchase here)

Beau Coops
Their Finisk line is insane. Very Lady Gaga worthy... take a look:

(would you even consider buying this?)

(or this?)

(honestly I can't even look at these for that long because it hurts my eyes)

Doc Martens Mens
I'm seriously considering getting some Doc Martens Mens and finding a size that fits me because they're amazing. Guys, BUY THESE they're gorgeous!

My favorite is Beckett, available in black and grey:

(available for purchase here)

Women's Doc Martens
The site also sells Docs for gals!

This is my favorite Doc pattern of all time that I just discovered here. I'm in love. Each pair is completely unique because of the fabric placement.. even each side is different! I can't decide if I like the brown or black better though. Thoughts?

(available for purchase here)

They also have the DM Spikes

(also in black, available for purchase here)

And DM Pascal
(available for purchase here)

Plus tons of other DM patterns!

Ego and Greed

(also in tan, available for purchase here)

I love these so much! (available for purchase here)


Aztek Low
(also in tan, available for purchase here)

Caballero Low
(also in light brown and black, available for purchase here)

Irregular Choice

What an Angel
(also in 4 other colors! available to purchase here)

(available to purchase here)

Jeffrey Campbell
Some insane JC shoes

(available for purchase here)

Shadow Stud Gold
(available for purchase here)

Tick Chain
(available for purchase here)

Marais USA

Beatle Boot
(also in black, available for purchase here)

(available for purchase here)


(available for purchase here)

(also in solid black and yellow, available for purchase here)

(also in cheetah print, available for purchase here)


(available for purchase here) One of my absolute favorites!

(available for purchase here)


(available for purchase here) I'm strangely attracted to these shoes... kind of like how I'm strangely attracted to Bill Hader.

Coraline Velvet

(also in black and navy, available for purchase here)


(available for purchase here)

(also in red, available for purchase here)

Rachel Antonoff By Bass

(available for purchase here) I am deeply and wildly in love with these. Mom? Do you see these? Aren't they gorgeous? Wouldn't they look great on my feet? Grandma? Wink wink?

(also in polka dot and small blue flowers, available for purchase here)

(also in black, available for purchase here)

See By Chloe

(available for purchase here)

(also in tan, available for purchase here)

And that's just the beginning! There are tons of other awesome brands that can be found on solestruck.com... Check it out! 

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