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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sadie Hawkins Dance!

The Sadie Hawkins (commonly referred to as the Christmas Dance) isn’t really that fast approaching, but people are freaking out about it anyways. I decided to jump on the ball and throw out some dress ideas for the girls who are worrying this far in advance. I love shopping online; it’s easy and convenient, so it makes sense to start shopping online now, where you have the opportunity to send things back if you don’t like them or if they don’t fit and still have peace of mind about your outfit.
I’m going to predict that the most common colors this year will be red and black, so I will focus on those colors. These are the most winter-y/eye-catchingly seasonal! As at the Senior Cruise, lace, collars, and peplum will probably be a huge trend. 
On a different note, sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I had a great “people watching” segment ready to go, with around 10 awesome pics of high schoolers on my phone, but, alas, my phone was dropped one too many times and now refuses to turn on. Sad.
I’m going to set this up in a way where I separate the sections by the different styles of dress and the label/website. I’ll create some outfits too!

Great for timeless pieces. Can find less expensive or more expensive.

Lace –

It’s good to pair this dress with a black or tan shoe, so as not to distract from the gorgeous red color. If you’re bold and would like to mix sweet lace with rocker studs, I’d recommend a shoe like this:
If you want a more modest shoe and a more modest heel, I’d recommend on like this:
Tights are pretty much a must due to the season. You could definitely wear any skin-colored tights if you want to seem bare-legged, but it’s too cold to go without. For this outfit I’d recommend dark tights, like these:
If you want a cute pattern to go with the cute lace dress, I’d recommend these:
I’d also suggest just sticking with a plain black blazer or cardigan.

Sequins -
This dress would look great with flats that give it a pop of color.
These are perfect:
I’d wear nude-colored tights if you wore shoes like these.
If you want a shoe that’s a bit more daring, try these Oxfords!
Because they’re the same color as the dress, you’ll want to use a bright tight or neon accessories. 
Maybe these?
or this?
This dress, unfortunately, doesn’t really lend itself to a necklace. Accessorize with cute earrings and bracelets!

Here’s a second sequin dress:
Because this dress is nude, you could try any solid-color shoe, like these:
Try black or nude tights.
I’d also recommend a shorter black or silver necklace like this:
And here’s yet another sequin dress (I see sequins being big this year!):
So as not to distract from the sequins and tulle, I’d recommend black tights and black shoes like these:

Flowy –
This dress is elegant, to say the least. The one-shoulder is gorgeous and classic. 
Try black tights, or tights in olive or grey like these:
(They're dark grey, trust me.)
To spice up the outfit, try a black shoe (flats possibly, to keep with the classiness) with a pop of pizazz, like these:
Then try some black or silver accessories, like this adorable and spunky watch:

Collar –
Both of these dresses are a gorgeous red with an in-style collar.
This one is an eye-catching cherry with a holiday seasonal collar:
This one is also red with a collar, but while it has a rather plan front, the back has a beautiful heart cut-out:

For both of these I would pair with a tan or black heel, like these:
If you choose the tan shoes, you can wear black or grey tights. If you go black, I’d recommend nude tights so they don’t distract from the black and red. If you want your legs to look impossibly long, match the black shoes with black tights!

Peplum –
This gorgeous black dress is cut to be insanely flattering on almost every body type. Peplum looks good on everyone, but especially on squares like me (my torso has no “cinching,” instead is basically a box). 
With a plain black dress, you can go in a few different directions. You could wear black shoes with funky tights, like these:
Or you could wear black or tan tights with brightly colored shoes, like these:
There’s no limit to how awesome you can look!


Bustier –
Bustiers are flattering, especially for small chests. 
This one comes in two colors!
Ta-Ra-Ra Bustier (Taupe and Red)
Ta-Ra-Ra Bustier (Grey and Magenta)
With these, I’d recommend black or nude shoes, like these:
Dollhouse Dulce Black Lycra and Patent Platform Pumps
The nude shoes are especially great for the dress style because the studs offset the flowy girlishness of the skirt.

Here’s another bustier dress:
Ta-Ra-Ra Bustier (Black and Blush Pink)
For both these bustier dresses, I’d recommend skin-colored tights, because any other color would distract from the awesome colorblocking aspect (that’s another trend we’ll be seeing!).
This dress would look great with black heels or booties to match the black bustier. Like these!
Shelly 4 Black Peep Toe Cutout Booties
With a dress like this, I’d recommend a mid-hanging necklace with a geometric design, to combat the flowiness of the skirt. Something like this:
All The Acute Trements Gold Triangle Necklace
And maybe a cute oversized solid-colored cardigan like these?:
Cardi Hearty Green Cardigan Sweater
Cutout –
Make sure if you choose a cutout dress it’s appropriate for school! You don’t want to feel uncomfortable in front of the teacher chaperones…

Queen of Swing Black Dress
I absolutely love this! It’s fun, and still mature. 
With this try nude or black tights and then really eye-catching shoes like these:
Dollhouse Dulce Yellow Lycra and Patent Platform Pumps
For accessories, try stacking some bracelets like these:
Mink Pink Three's A Charm Bangle Set
and consider wearing an over-the-dress long-hanging necklace, like this:

Wildfox Poison Vial Rose Gold Necklace

Maxi dress –
This one's for you Sienna<3
If you’re tall and thin, maxi dresses are perfect to elongate your shape! This black maxi is gorgeous.
Rubber Ducky All You Can Sheath Black Maxi Dress
Pair some nude or black heels with it. They won’t really be seen, but they give an extra edge, and a bright color could distract from the dress.
Like in the picture, it’s good to pair a solid colored flowy dress with geometric jewelry, like this:
La Goddess Gold and Turquoise Necklace

Special thanks to Sarah for sending me the link to this amazing online shopping resource!
It's an Australian store, so they do ship from Australia, but the shipping cost isn't too expensive at all! The dresses are too good to pass up. Do keep in mind that the prices are in AUD instead of USD, so although they're not too different (1 AUD = 1.03 USD), that's still a factor to consider.
The shoes are coming from http://www.solestruck.com/

Lace –

I love this dress! It comes in awesome colors, like these:
Pretty In Pink Sleeveless Dress in Black
Pretty In Pink Sleeveless Dress in Pink
I love these cuffs! They'd look great with the black dress:
Gold Cuffs
Let's straighten out the flowy girlishness of the lace with some studded Jeffrey Campbells, shall we?
Shadow Stud
For the black dress, be adventurous with a deep red or grey tight! For the pink, stick with nude or black.

Here's another lace dress, this time with short sleeves:
Splended Angel Dress in Yellow
Splended Angel Dress in White
This dress in both colors would look really good with short cowboy boots!
Or these!
Acne - Ace

This one has a lace neck that's absolutely gorgeous:
Five Year Engagement Dress
This dress would go great with shoes like these:
Messeca - Sasha

Sequin –
I love this dress! In both colors:
Just Feel It Dress in Golden
Just Feel It Dress in Black
This dress (well, any dress, really) would go great with some Litas!
Like these:
Jeffrey Campbell - Lita in Gold Glitter
Jeffrey - Lita in Black Distressed Leather

Here's a sequin maxi:
Sequin Maxi Love in Black
Sequin Maxi Love in Pink
Both would look good with blacks pumps, like the ones shown in the picture. The black would also look great with a pop of color or nude heels like these:
Studio Tmls - Diamente in Warm Taupe

Just one more sequin dress, I promise (kinda)!
In comes in two awesome colors:
Fallin in the Nite Dress in Black
Fallin in the Nite Dress in Gold
The all-black dress would look great with bright Litas like these:
Jeffrey Campbell - Lita in Yellow Neon
and the gold would look great with black heels!

Bodice –
I love the bodice on this dress!
Lobey Molly Dress
It would go great with gold or black shoes.

I love the bodice on this one too! And especially the back...
Bring Me Life Dress
This dress would honestly look great with almost any color of shoe... just no sneakers!
How about these pink Litas?
Jeffrey Campbell - Lita in Purple Neon

I hope this got your creative juices flowing!

And for those of you who haven't asked yet, good luck!

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