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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day Four - August Hair

First of all, I am SO sorry (*cough hattie*) that it's taken me so long to update!  I've been really busy with school beginning, and now I have mono I think, so I actually have more time to update, I guess...

NOTE: These are my hairstyles from August :)

1.  I've done this before after a friend had this in her hair, and I think it turned out really good this time!
and here it is from the side:

I adore this look-it instantly chills out a look or adds some bohemian flare
It's super easy to do too! Just take a small piece of hair (smaller is better) from halfway towards the back of your head, under the rest of your hair.  Then begin to braid the hair towards your face (so you won't have a bump where the braid begins) and continue braiding in the direction of the braid until it reaches the other side, then clip it!  It only takes a few minutes

Here's the runway-way:
(that's Abbey Lee Kershaw, my favorite model)

My little sister Sonia wanted one too, but I did a rope for her-its even better because it doesn't come apart like a braid typically begins to deteriorate after a few hours.

Here's her "boho band" up close:

Here's another few things I tried out on Sonia-I loved the way they turned out:)

This one was boss from the side, but not so cute from the front:

And yet another look:  It's a french braid starting on the left top side of the head and snaking around to the back of the neck to join with another french braid along the left side... sounds complicated-just look at some pictures!

(isn't she so pretty??)

Love it, right?

These are my inspirations for that look:

And this is what I had been trying to do on her, which finally worked out a few days later! She wore it for the Fair, but it came unwraveled:(  Anyways, here's how it looked before:


So basically it's a reverse french braid that goes all around the head, here are all the other angles.

(that's how we ineffectively held it together...)

These are my inspirations for the around the head french braid:

(monika jac, I love her(: )

<3, Alix

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