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Thursday, September 22, 2011

This post is dedicated to my best friend, Hattie :')

Dear Hattie,
I miss you.  Move to Mass.  You're gorgeous and I hope your life stops sucking soon... <3

Reasons Hattie is freaking awesome:

1. She changes up her hair real well:)
Just look at that gorgeous blue! Teehee
This pink/green fade tips look is so hot, but especially her gorgeous face is the best in this picture<3
This is her lovely face again, this time with teal tips:) She looks foxxy
This is her lovely purple hair (super freaking cute), and she's wearing the best outfit, grey and purple are darling together and I like how she has the purple in her hair and in her shorts:)
And this is it with the color faded out! She looks super hot in her bathing suit-perfect for her skin color-and she has the best body out of anyone I know
It's still this color today:)

Reason 2: She cleans up real good:D
This is her for a school dance (she's all the way to the right)... obviously she looks wayy better than all the snitches in the photo
I like this picture because Hattie looks so happy and she has the cutest smile, wayy cuter than those other two... actually like a million times prettier
And here is her literally banging body from the side, getting a rose from a very sexy older man

Reason 3: She has awesome fashion
Cutest bathing suit color for her darker hair, and a boss pair of sunglasses
This is my best friend in the cutest shirt (and cut) ever with some random less-beautiful girl
With her awesome older sister, Lucy, in a super cute blue and yellow top
So I like this one because it's just freaking adorable <3

Reason 4: She's my best friend
(those are our feet and legs)

Hattie is beautiful, kind, sweet, and my little angel<3 She's always there for me just like I hope I am for her


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