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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day Eight-Sonia & Kyra

I was gonna do a my hair post today (my hair accessories and the crazy colors I've been dyeing it), but I'm dyeing it purple tomorrow... so I'll wait till I get those pics too!
So today I'll show the multifarious looks of my youngest sister, Sonia.
She's an attention whore-she constantly asks me to take pictures of her outfits!  Here are the few I conceded to...
If you don't know my sister, here's a picture of her face. She doesn't like smiling in pictures, she thinks she'll be a model (she's 4'8" and 12 years old...) so she has to be forced to smile in pictures!

Here's her first look.  She wanted to have a coy, over the shoulder pose, and it makes me laugh, so here it is:
Here's the picture of the actual outfit (she has another of her looking pretty sassy to the front, but I prefer the smiling):
I'm not actually sure where the clothes come from, but I'm pretty sure her shirt's from Marshalls, and her shorts are A&F (Kids)

Here is look Two (if you reference the "Hair" post, this is the hair she wore with the boho band):
I don't know what she's wearing, but it's probably all from A&F Kids.  She looks adorable though!

Look Three (the boho girl):
Honestly, I don't really like the shirt, but I'm happy that she is starting to take after me-wearing a little bit different clothes, along with the fact that she's starting to go boho, which I adore:)

So that's all I agreed to take for Sonia... my other younger sister on the other hand, Kyra, I only have one picture of!  She's really gorgeous, she's 14 and 5'
Here's her one picture:
We're on Martha's Vineyard (in this picture), and she festively bought a MV shirt! (Even though we live there every summer...)  


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