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Friday, September 23, 2011

Day Five-the smallish-medium size bag

First of all, happy first day of Fall!  Fall is my favorite season:)

Okay, so I love bags, but I tend to buy large bags and totes and never end up buying them because I find them very bulky, and they can take away from an outfit.  The same problem happens with wallet-purses and small wristlets (I love my Coach wristlet,) but they tend to be too small and don't fit my ipod and phone (which I cannot live without my iPod, the phone is only a necessity for my parents).
So I compromised by buying two smallish-medium sized bags in France
Neither are really authentic french, one is from H&M, and the other is Native American.  But I adore them both!

Here's the first:

And this is it opened-its super easy especially because it's a snap close
And to get an idea of the proportions, here it is on me:
It's one of my favorite bags-it's very stylish and cute and goes well with any outfit.   In addition, it hold SO much!  It can fit my large clutch wallet, my cell, my iPod, my gum, and gloss/lipstick and a mirror if I want... and there's still room after that!  And a total bonus was that it was on sale for only 3 euros, which is like 5 american dollars :)

Here's the second, the Indian bag:
It fits just as much as the other bag, and is so adorable and different

So, I would advise you to go out and get a small-medium bag!  With fall starting (today!) you'll need a bag big enough for your gloves, as well as your other staples - that won't be weighing you down!


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