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Friday, September 30, 2011

Day Nine-The Various Hairs of Me

So this is it - the true HAIR post.  Be ready, in the upcoming post will be all the crazy colors I have dyed my hair, as well as the various accessories I have put into it.  (Oh, and I'm dressed as an alien for a lot of the pictures.. more on that later)
Ready? Set? HAIR

So, I dyed my hair "teal" for the first ever me-dying-my-hair. (lost yet?)  Because of the bleach underneath the "teal", it turned green.  I had it in for over a month and I loved it.. until I got sick of it.  But here's how it looked green:
You can't tell, but in this hair, I also have a small yellow feather from a fair on Martha's Vineyard
Here it is:
I just took it out a few days ago..
Here's the cool stuff!  In France, I learned the french version of the American hair wrap.  There, it starts at the base of  your neck, and is much thicker... I may have got carried away with mine (yes, I did them all by myself!) and I ended up doing three!  I loved them very much, but ended up taking them all out after about a month.
Here they all are, this is how they normally looked:
They all went pretty low, at least to my waist if not to my hips:)
Here are the first two I had done to myself, both on my right side:
The other one was my rasta wrap! It was a bit shorter, and thicker than the other two, and it was on the left:
My puppy (pictures later on this post!) fell in love with this one, and it came out in one full piece, so now it's one of his favorite chew toys :)

So, once I was too bored with the green, I dyed the hair pink.  I actually meant to dye it purple, but I wanted a lighter purple, so I only left the dye in for 7 minutes, and it turned out VERY light
(that's my profile picture...)
Because it was so light, and I left the dye in for such a little time, the hair dye washed out/faded really fast, looking like this after only a few days:
Here's another shot of the faded hair (this time with a puppy:D) :
He's an English Golden Retriever male named Sengie.  In the picture he's only 7 weeks old!  Now he's about 9 weeks old I believe.

So I liked this light hair, but I felt that it was too stand-out and I wanted a more subtle color.  I wanted to try a dark purple, so yesterday I attempted to try that, by leaving the purple dye in for 40 minutes.  Sadly, my hair is even more "poppy" now, at a vibrant pink-purple.  I'm planning on dyeing it a dark blue in a few days to a week.  But, I took advantage of the ET-like hair by doing a fashion shoot.  At first, it was just cool makeup, but it escalated into an alien fashion shoot... :/  I looked pretty boss though, so I'm okay with it...
First, here's a picture of just the new hair color:

now, just enjoy a string of pictures of me as an alien
You're welcome :)

I feel super ego-tistical looking at all these pictures of myself... whatever, focus on the hair and the makeup
BY THE WAY I am wearing silver eyeshadow on my cheeks and my bottom lip, and black eyeshadow on my top lip, if you were wondering:)
And YES I am dressing up as an alien now for halloween


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  1. oh hawt dayum... only one smiling alien picture <3
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