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Welcome to 500 Days of Style! After a recent trip to my fashion capital of the world, Paris, I decided to amp up my style, and chronicle it on this blog!
Hope you enjoy it, and it inspires you to be super stylish (even on a low budget, like me!)
<3, Alix

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day Three

[actually this is still part of day 2, but it's a different event with a different outfit, so I'll split them up :)]

The objective: Wear something totally cute, and a bit formal, but not TOO formal, to a college a cappella concert-all male, all adorable, all with voices of angels...    (here's the link to their website, btw, if you're ever on the Vineyard in the summer, definitely see them! http://vineyardsound.org/)

Here's what I ended up putting together:

I am wearing my all time favorite crop top from H&M.  I can't figure out their online store to get a link, but it's amazing and I love it, except I got a little acrylic paint on it from art class, but it's not really that noticable, so thats awesome(:
The shorts are DIY!  My best friend in the whole entire world made them for me from a pair of old lady shorts she found at a thrift store/salvation army.  I adore them-they are perfect with any and all crop top <3

For accessories, I'm wearing an owl necklace that my mom got me for my birthday (I love it, I wear it with EVERYTHING) I'm not sure what store it's from, but you can buy a similar one from anywhere, ex. this one from amazon: http://www.amazon.com/White-Gold-Black-Eyed-Necklace/dp/B00347RDLU
On my fingers I'm wearing two H&M rings on each middle finger (yes the teal one is the same as day 2, just in a different color)
On my right wrist I'm wearing a leather beaded bracelet, made by African women for charity, a leather braided bracelet from H&M, and a black lace bangle from Wet Seal.
Accessory Spotlight:
I just let my hair go au naturale, then put some red lipstick on (using my finger so it wouldn't be too harsh), and then layered lip balm on top to make my lips really stand out (this is a singing show, after all)!

The show was absolutely wonderful, and the boys are adorable and so talented!

<3, Alix

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