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Welcome to 500 Days of Style! After a recent trip to my fashion capital of the world, Paris, I decided to amp up my style, and chronicle it on this blog!
Hope you enjoy it, and it inspires you to be super stylish (even on a low budget, like me!)
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day Six-a few summer outfits

Sidenote before I forget-I opened comments up! So I think everyone can comment now:)

So today I'm going to try to get most of the outfits I wore in the summer on here.. sorry if it's long!

Here's the first one-just a casual warm summer day
I'm wearing my new Bob Marley tank (!! I love it), my flannel t-shirt (it's pretty warm-less than a sweater but more than a cardigan, and I would recommend everyone get a flannel-it's useful in all seasons), a 344 bandeau, and some LoveCulture shorts.  [loveculture.com just put out their fall clothes!  They're super adorable]

Second-Dinner At Home With The Relatives:
I felt super cute in this target dress (Yes! it was only $25 or something, but looks far from cheap)
The vest I got for around $4 from a second-hand/thrift store. It's a throwback that still works today, and with a combination of outfits :)

Third and Fourth-One of My Favorite Shirts:
I almost didn't buy this shirt, but my mom convinced me! I'm glad she did because it's super slimming and I adore it.  The only problem is that it's a bit heavy, but that didn't really matter until I was trying to get my suitcase under 50 pounds... ;)
In the first look, it's a pretty casual summer day, with this shirt (forever21 by the way) and LoveCulture shorts
(It's a peacock design, by the way)
And in a side view you can see how wonderfully slimming it is

Another way I wore this shirt was with my new jeans for the annual fireworks
So, that's why it's my favorite!
(and here's the confident face I wear with it)

Fifth (and last) outfit-Beach-Goer:
I'm wearing a super-clashy but in a haphazard, cute way (I hope?) with a bandeau bathingsuit underneath!  The bathingsuit was a gift, so I'm not sure where it's from.  But the shirt is LoveCulture, and the shorts are Soffe (so comfy!)



  1. omgilovealloftheseoutfits! you look so adorable:) please where like ALL of these to school sometime soon? especially the dress with the jean vest!

  2. oops i mean wear** haha