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Monday, November 26, 2012

Little Things and What to Wear on a Comfy Weekend

Hi! Just a quick post before I go off to dance.

Side note before I start: keep in mind that it's Cyber Monday! It's basically Black Friday but online, so you can get great online deals today.

If you haven't gotten your Christmas Dance dress yet and have $280 to spare plus money for express shipping, I'd recommend this dress that just came in on FreePeople.com. It's amazing!

The back lacing up plus the front bodice embellishments and the gorgeous red color makes this dress perfect.

If you're still looking at my coverage of MBFW (or NYFW) and continue to marvel at the gorgeous hair styles on the models, I recently discovered that the hair brand Tresemme was behind a lot of the looks, and what's more, they filmed some of the backstage preparation magic and put it onto their youtube channel! If you're interested in watching, you can find it here.

Teenvogue.com just did a post on what to wear on a lazy long weekend. Here's my spin:

What To Wear When You Want to Lounge Around But Still Look Cute (it's basically what they did)

An oversized sweater:
From Forever21.com 


A comfy men's flannel, unbuttoned or buttoned halfway:
From Urbanoutfitters.com

With (simple) patterned leggings:
From Loveculture.com


A pair of your favorite and most comfortable skinnies:
From Nastygal.com

With cute slippers:
Only $12 at Urbanoutfitters.com!


Your favorite beat-up pair of Chucks
From converse.com

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