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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Junk Food and Hot Outfits

Before I start, I just want to say that if anyone was following the snapshot contest I posted about in this post, you can see and vote for the winner out of the 10 finalists here!

First order of business: 2 looks of the week and how to recreate them

Look One

I had this photo saved to my computer so I'm not positive on the source, but if I had to guess I'd say it's from Lookbook.

I love this look because it's perfect for a warmer winter day, mixing definitely summer elements (shorts) with very winter ones (scarf). I also love how the only pattern is in the scarf, the focus of the otherwise plain look.

I did some online store searching and found similar components of this outfit so you guys can recreate it! Let's work bottom-up.

The Shoes

The Tights

The Shorts

The Top

The Scarf

Look Two

This was also saved to my computer, but could be from Lookbook as well.

I like this look because it combines formal and informal in an expert way. It's also something someone could totally wear to school!

I made my own version of this, admittedly different because I couldn't find the same patterns or prints. I like what I came up with, though, and I hope you do too!

For this we can work bottom up as well.

The Shoes

The Tights

The Skirt

The Belt

The Top

The Bracelet

The Watch

Around The World Leather Watch from Urban Outfitters (p.s. I've wanted this watch for literally two years now I just have to make some money and buy it)

The Bag

The Necklace

So while I was looking for clothes to create the above looks I encountered a clothing website I'd never been on before! I had seen the clothes in various stores, but never checked out the website, and when I did, I absolutely loved it. It's called Junk Food Clothing and classifies itself as "the original vintage t-shirt company."

Here are some of my favorite vintage t-shirts!


(Shout out to Steph!)


As with all men's clothing, I am seriously tempted to buy all of the following items (even more than I want to get the girl's clothes!). It's a real problem.

One of my favorite new clothing stores!

Stay tuned, I'll post again tomorrow :)

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