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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


As many of you already know, I hit 5,000 views on my blog last night! (I'm now at 5,180, eep!) In celebration of this huge milestone, I'm making a post every day this week. That's right. Every single day. Good thing I already did one yesterday...

Today I'm focusing on this new apparel website I stumbled upon. It's called roozt.com and it's fantastic.  The goal of the website is to sell apparel (clothing, bags, accessories) from companies that give part of their proceeds to good causes. To buy things, you need to "become a member," but it's super simple and free, you just need to put in your e-mail address and get a password. I'd encourage everyone to sign up and use the site if you like their products!

This is honestly one of my favorite of all the online stores I've found throughout the years. Just reading the descriptions of how each brand gives back to the community and environment is insane.

Here are my favorite things:



I love the concept of this shirt (Feed NYC, get it???)!  The brand is Project 7 and with the purchase of the shirt the brand gives money to help feed NYC (There are other shirts for other cities).

This shirt, as you can see from the design enlarged in the second picture, is with the label Multeepurpose. Proceeds from this top goes to saving the rainforest!


This hooded pullover is with Blu Democracy who gives people access to clean drinking water (one new person for each purchase).
I like this shirt because it looks super comfy but with the low V it's still chic. Of course, I would recommend a shirt underneath!


Teeki is an insanely awesome eco-friendly brand that makes amazing leggings. They're comfy, breathable, stretchy, chafe resistant, you name it. The best part? Every one of their leggings is make using 25 water bottles! Here are two of my favorites:



And a pair of their shorts:

Northern Lights

These stylish and comfy sweats are with the brand Lur Apparel. With every purchase, Lur Apparel helps to provide microedit and education to empower women and their families.


This maxi dress is also with Multeepurpose. This specific dress donates to Multeepurpose's "Animal Cause" which works to prevent cruelty, neglect, and exploitation of animals.


This gorgeously detailed flats are with Love is Mighty which sells handmade vegan shoes designed and created by Indian artisans.

These flats are also with Love is Mighty. The amazing thing about these shoes is that they are made from loom-woven recycled silver plastic, so all of them are a little different. I love these!

Not only are these Commonsoles flats adorable, with each pair sold, Commonsoles donates a schoolbook to a child in need.


This clutch from Sseko Designs which enables women in Uganda to pursue an education. And it's ultra fashionable.

This camera strap from Fotostrap helps fund Fotolanthropy which captures inspiring trues stories through photography.


Proceeds from this classy necklace from Rural Revolution goes into the Redeemer Presbyterian Rebuilding Fund of New Orleans which helps victims of Katrina.

I love this bracelet from L.I.F.E. Line. The bracelets were handmade by the Maasai tribe in the Rift Valley of Kenya. The brand employs over 400 local artisans to fight poverty with fashion.

This necklace from Live Worldly is from Chile. The salt inside represents purity and the chiles (aren't they cute?) brings good luck. The brand donates to non-profit parters in the country the product originated (in this case, Chile).



This awesome tee from Harvest Blue is made of 100% organic cotton from organic farmers. 50% of the material of the shirt is this cotton and 50% is made from recycled plastic bottles! For every T-shirt sold the brand plants a tree and donates a portion of sales to environmental causes. I want this! I don't care that it's a boy's shirt it's sick.

This classy tee is from Young Love Outfitters. 15% of each sale goes to helping provide clean water, plant trees, and build trees.

This tank with the awesome tribal design on the front is also from Young Love Outfitters.


This hoodie is from Degree Six Clothing which is a pretty cool clothing company. It has zero tolerance for forced labor, child labor, harassment, abuse, disrespect, and discrimination. Not just this, but the brand believes in producing their products in an environmentally friendly way. By purchasing one of their products, you conserve 50 gallons of water, 1/3 pound of pesticides and fertilizer, and use 70% less dye waste runoff.


I'm pretty much in love with these shoes from Nisolo. Each product is handmade in Peru and empowers artisans who design and create the shoes.

These shoes are also Nisolo. I like the classic cut of these Oxfords.


This beanie from Yellow108 is made from organic cotton, recycled hemp, and recycled t-shirt scraps!


Lovin this backpack from Hiptipico! It's homemade in Guatemala with local Mayan fabrics. Awesome tribal pattern and bright colors!

Seconds away from buying this jacket, also from Hiptipico. Someone stop me before I spend all my travel money!

Hope you enjoyed this website as much as I did!
Stay tuned for another post tomorrow:)


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