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Saturday, February 2, 2013

What to Wear to the Underclassmen Semi

Hey guys! I've gotten a few (okay one) request to do a post on what the Freshmen and Sophomores should wear to their Spring Fling coming up. Have no fear, I can help!

I'd recommend looking for a prom-esque dress (prom sites work) but short! Not long. See if the prom sites have a "Cocktail dress" division, or search for "cocktail dresses" on google. Save long dresses for prom. I'd also recommend steering away from black/dark-colored dresses. White/pastels/light-colors are perfect for a springtime dance.

Here's what I mean:

Esther Boutique

Valentine Strapless Cocktail Dress - White
This dress is also super cute in black but as I said before, I'd recommend going with a lighter color.

What Tomorrow Brings Cocktail - White
Again, this is also cute in black, but I'd recommend against it.

Merry Cocktail Dress - White
Merry Cocktail Dress - Red

Rosalind Cocktail Dress - White

Raining in Paradise Cocktail - Green/Jade

 Minty Meets Munt Gigi Peplum Cocktail - Lilac

Prom Girl

Short Pleated Skirt Sherri Hill Dress (available in other colors)

Short High Neck Dress

David's Bridal



Good luck all you Freshmen and Sophomores! I hope this helps:)

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  1. Now I want a hight school dance to go to!! All such gorgeous finds!<3