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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day (Date) Ideas

Even if you're dateless for Valentine's Day, it's still a great time to get dressed up and feel awesome about yourself! Valentine's Day is the perfect cutoff to start being able to wear more springtime dresses, so take advantage of that. I'd recommend a girly/sweet/flowy/romantic dress that makes you feel feminine and pretty. (The most common V-Day colors are White, Purple, Pink, and Red, but you can feel free do wear whatever color you want!) The better you feel about your outfit the more confident and attractive to guys you'll seem.  My favorite V-Day dress is white lace, but a wide range of flowy dresses work. If you're going on a date, it's up to you how dressy you want to go, and I'd recommend a black/white cardigan or blazer (or even a bomber jacket!) depending again on how dressy you want to go, as well as some lace tights or white tights and maybe a heart necklace/bracelet/earrings! If you don't want to wear a dress you could also try black leggings/skinnies with a flowy shirt. Here are some examples of what you could wear to school or a moderately casual date on V-Day:

Urban Outfitters

 Elliatt Embroidered Athena High/Low Maxi Dress

Lovers & Friends Love Knocks One Shoulder Dress

For Love & Lemons Anja Velvet Dress

Pins and Needles Tulle Overlay Halter Dress

Kimchi Blue Emma Crepe Dress

Pins and Needles Sweetheart Lace Dress

Pins and Needles Backless Lace Dress

DV By Dolce Vita Agata Shirtdress

Shakuhachi New Romantics Cutout Shift Dress
This one's tighter but still feminine and romantic!

Sister Jane Crepe Cutout Collar Dress

Kimchi Blue Fiona Lace Waist Dress

 Kimchi Blue Embroidered Lace Dress

Pins And Needles Chiffon Mini Pleat Dress

Jack By BB Dakota Ruched Bodice Strapless Dress

Band of Gypsies Lace & Tulle Dress

Kimchi Blue Lyra Dress

Love Culture

 Flowy Chain Dress

Polka Dot Sweetheart Dress

Hearts Sheer Blouse

 Crochet Button Back Blouse

Lattice Sleeves Blouse

Rose Lace Crochet Top

Floral Lace Overlay Tee

Embroidered Lace Top

Crochet Collar Blouse

Color Block Blouse

Sheer Watercolor Blouse

Sheer Floral Flyaway Cardigan

Lace Flyaway Cardigan

Dip Dye Knit Cardigan

Studded Slim Fit Pants

Spotted Tights

Chevron Stripe Tights

Basic Solid Tights

Basic Solid Tights

Spotted Tights

Jeweled Double Floral

Glossy Floral Studs

Rhinestoned Skull Studs

Rhinestone Collar Necklace

Dangling Spiked Ear Hook

Baby Ring Pendant Necklace

Flattened Envelope Clutch

Go out with your guy (or go out with the girls)! Have fun. Feel pretty and look good:)

And I love all of you! Happy early Valentine's Day.

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  1. Alix- You're blogs never cease to amaze me. Nice job on this one, it gave me some great ideas, thanks!