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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cool Stores


As many of you know, I was running this blog as an Independent Study in Fashion Journalism for Semester 1.  Now that the semester's over, I've decided to definitely still update this blog as regularly as I was before. The only difference is that there is a good chance I'll sign up with Google AdSense and start putting (fashion-related) ads in the sidebar. I'd like to one day turn this into a career so starting to monetize early seems like the best thing to do!

On that note, I'd like to extend the biggest THANK YOU to Ms. Malchodi for advising me in my IS this past semester. She's undoubtably one of the best teachers in the school and I am so grateful to be able to spend 3 full semesters with her throughout my high school experience. If any of you get the opportunity to take Journalism or AWS I'd very highly recommend it.

On to the next...!

I've been stumbling across some awesome online stores in the past month and I'd like to share them with all of you. So, I guess, here goes!

(Shout out to Hattie for introducing me to this site!)
Basically Freshtops sells awesome patterned apparel. As of now they don't sell bottoms apart from patterned leggings, but they're going to start to sell high-waisted shorts soon (so that's awesome). They're best known for their crewnecks so I'll start there and just post a few (or maybe more than a few, sorry!) awesome things from each category:
[P.S. They have a lot of One Direction, Justin Beiber, Adventure Time, Hunger Games, Mean Girls, and Ed Sheeran stuff too]


Magical Dog

You Go Glen COCO

All around the World CrewNeck

Milky Way Galaxy Crew Neck

Aztec CrewNeck

If you se Da Police Crewneck

Short Sleeve Crop Tops

Cool Kids Don't Dance Short Sleeve

Milky Way Galaxy Crop

On Wednesdays Pink Crop Top

Sleeveless Crop Tops

Harvard Law Just Kidding Crop Top (Can someone buy this for me???)

Hakuna Matata

We Are Young Crop Top

Carmel frappuccino Fresh-Tops Crop Top
Someone should get this for my girl BMerlz (Shameless plug for her awesome blog, which you can find here) PS. It's her birthday today! So congrats for being squeezed out of the birth canal successfully... (Another PS. That was a direct quote from her hilarious blog so you should check it out.)


Aztec Leggings

Milky Way Galaxy Leggings


Hakuna Matata aztec Iphone 4 cases

Burn Book Iphone 4 case

Forever Young Iphone 4 case

Beemo Iphone 4g Case

This is an awesome clothing site that's based in China (I think.)! Change the currency by pressing the "$" in the top right corner.

New King Kong

Trash Banana Dress

Trash Banana Leggings

Trash King Leggings

Trash Green Snake Dress

Trash Lipsy Black Snake Eyes Dress

Esther Boutique
(Huge shout out to Abby for introducing me to this totally awesome store!)
Keep in mind that the prices are in AUD instead of USD since it's an Australian- based store, but you can use this online calculator right here to convert the prices. It's not that much of a change, 1 AUD is 1.05 USD. Also keep note of the size difference. They provide an international size guide!


Lainey Cocktail - Blue

Paint It Red Beautiful Stranger Cocktail - Black/Purple

Staying Alive Sequin Top - Black/Silver

No Reservation Sleeveless Shirt - Pink

That's all for today! I hope you like the stores! I know I do... Now if only I had money. Hmm.

Coming up next: For all you going to the Spring Fling (Froshies and Sophs), I can help! Stay tuned.

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