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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Winter (Fashion) Staples 2012-2013

Sure, there are winter necessities, like a warm jacket and long pants and fuzzy socks, but there also exists a special category of clothes that includes winter fashion staples.  These are the clothes that aren’t necessary to get a person through the harsh winter weather but they’ll help them look fabulous all winter long. 
Let’s take a closer look at them.

Leather Jacket
A girl needs a worn-in leather jacket that she can wear when she wants to stay moderately warm but look fabulous. Everyone can rock a leather jacket.
I’d recommend vegan leather, but that’s a very personal preference.


BDG Faux Leather Ribbed Collar Bomber Jacket (Pictured: brown and grey, also available in green and black)

It’s also cute if it’s half leather and half something else, like this one that’s army/leather.


I have the girl’s version of this in a darker brown! I love having the sweater hood too that gives the jacket a more relaxed feel.

Floral Pants
I’ve noticed that one of the trends popping up in stores all around the US are floral-print skinny jeans. They are the perfect way to romanticize an outfit without looking like you’re trying too hard or making it too girly. 

Three words: velvet is in. Like, in in. As in, the most stapley winter staple there is. Velvet is great for dresses, skirts, accessories… 
I may or may not have just bought two velvet skirts and a velvet dress at PacSun last week. They rock.

Turbans (Turbands) – 
My favorite kind of turban headwrap is velvet, so I think it belongs well in this section. They are perfect to dress up any outfit but can still be cute and casual. It’s also great for bad hair days. Turbands, by the way, are turban-style headbands.

They are also cute when they’re not velvet!

Infinity/Eternity Scarves
I like infinity scarves an infinite amount more than regular scarves (see what I did there?) because they are easier to wear. You just wrap them around your neck and voila! looking good. And you stay warm, which is a huge plus in this frigid New England weather.
I have to admit that I only like the ones that double-wrap or those that are single-wrap but much shorter.

(Comes in 8 patterns)

Everybody needs a chunky, cable-knit, ugly sweater (one or all of the components is fine!) to get them through the winter.

And yours!
The Friday before vacation was Tacky Sweater Day and many kids from MHS embraced it to the max! Here are some of my favorites:

P.S. HAPPY NEW YEAR! What’s your fashion resolution? 

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  1. I am so glad I came across this article. I love finding new winter fashion ideas, since it is a little more difficult then other seasons. I love the leather jackets and different jeans displayed in these images. However, some of these dresses seem a little to short to be wearing during the winter. Fortunately I may have an idea that could help you ladies wear these dresses when it is cold out. I recently have been coming up with outfits that incorperate Womens leggings. They can match with so many dresses and cold turn those short skirts into winter dresses. They will also keep your warm. These leggings are a accessory, so you just have to be creative. As for the Christmas sweaters at the bottom of this article, those might be a little bit harder to find leggings that can go with them!