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Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Modern Take On The 90s

Since I'm going off to college in 2 weeks I've decided to reinvent my style. So typical.

It started with a baseball cap. I bought a cute vintage Martha's Vineyard cap on MV and as soon as I put it on backwards I felt magically transported back to the 90s, which I don't even really remember. Crazy right?! So I'm doing a modern grunge thing, I guess. I've always loved the grunge era fashion and the fashion of the 90s in general so I'm going to embrace that. Don't get me wrong, some of the trends of the 90s were downright embarrassing, but those will be casually looked over. (Read that as: I'm completely skipping over the terrible trends that can't possibly be revamped, ex. jelly shoes and crimped hair.)

Here's a guide so I can keep myself on track and it's here for anyone else who wants to follow:

Trend: Jansport Backpacks
According to the very reliable Huffington Post, everyone in the 90s had one of these. They're pretty prevalent still today, so they're clearly good backpacks, but I'm going to go a bit more modern with a Herschel backpack. 
Buy it here on Amazon.

Trend: Bandanas
Bandanas are still pretty big but Christina Aguilera looks like she should also be sporting an orange jumpsuit. No, it is no longer acceptable to wear bandanas like that.
Acceptable alternatives:
Gaga looks crazy but her bandana looks great and that's all that matters.

Trend: Overalls
Overalls are still the coolest thing ever. And perks of not being in the 90s is that you're not required to wear an ugly patterned shirt underneath.
Simple and cute.

Trend: Chokers
I'm not changing this one at all. These things are cool as heck. (I'm buying mine here)

Trend: Combat Boots
Buy yours here! Right now!

Trend: Unbuttoned shirts over graphic tees
Here's another one you can still rock in it's original flair.

Trend: Sweaters tied around the waist
I completely understand this trend and still do it all the time. With a sweater you don't want to wear anymore you have 4 options: around the waist, throw it somewhere, carry it over your arm, or tie around your shoulders. Around the waist seems best.

Trend: Flannel
Still goin' strong. Hello Flannel Fridays.

Trend: Backwards caps
Still rad as hell.

Trend: bright colors and prints
As long as you don't overload them, bright colors and eye-popping prints can be rocked hardcore today.

Apparently, floral print babydoll dresses were big then too which is good news because those are gorgeous and so easy to wear.

Tie it all together: talk like a 90s kid with this slang dictionary.

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