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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back To School

Hey all! Sorry for the hiatus, I took on a job as a photographer and I've been way more busy than I thought I'd be! If you wanna check out my pics go here.

But, what better to come back with than a post about the upcoming school year! If you're not excited, get pumped! The beginning of the school year is literally the most exciting fashion time in a student's life because they get to see what everyone else is debuting and people haven't gotten too lazy to dress up yet.

For all my friends already at school, take a weekend to run out and get these essentials. For those going to school soon, run out tomorrow!

For goodness sake, get a blazer. They're the perfect accessory to any outfit. They dress up plain old jeans but don't make it too dressy, and you always look put-together with one on.  This is one of those clothing items that you can splurge on because you have the opportunity to wear it almost every day.
I'd recommend buying two blazers - one that's tailored close to your body so it can dress up an outfit  and one that's more loose-form for the slouchy-but-chic more casual look.

Silence + Noise Ex-Boyfriend Blazer
You can never go wrong with black but a colored blazer is also great to spice up an outfit. I have black, pink, and blue blazers and they all work perfectly with different outfits. Check your closet for the color you have most of. If you have a ton of black and navy blue dresses/shirts, consider a blazer in a lighter color. On the other hand, a black blazer is a staple every girl should have.

Southern Gothic Black Velvet Blazer
A velvet blazer = ideal for winter.

One True Love Blazer

Pyramid Stud Color Block Blazer

Ruched Sleeve Boyfriend Blazer
I want this one! It's the perfect casual blazer.

I've found that wearing a blazer is an "acquired feel," and it took me a long time to be comfortable in one. That being said, it's probably safest to try the blazer at the store first to make sure the fit is comfortable for you.

A Casual Dress
Some days you want to look nice but you don't feel that great about your body and you don't want to put all this effort into your look. That's where a casual dress comes in. Every girl should have a flowy dress that they can pull on when they don't want to be too casual but they don't want to be too dressy either. I recommend a dress that has a defined empire waist, just because a dress with no waist has the tendency to make the wearer look heavier than they are. A skater dress is ideal. The perfect "casual dress" is one that you could wear both to the beach and a grad party. You would feel comfortable wearing it to Panera for dinner with the girls or a dinner party at the neighbor's.

Kimchi Blue Knit Floral Skater Dress

Ecote Boho Print Knit Skater Dress

Pins and Needles Chiffon Slit-Back Dress

Pins And Needles Floral Cross-Back Dress

Open Back Kitty Dress

Tiger Graphic Skater Dress
I own the this dress in red and I love it so much.

Element x Jac Vanek Rascal Dress

Things to look for in a casual dress:
- flowing skirt but not flowy all over
- a fun pattern or color
- a scoop or babydoll neckline
- a hem that falls between the mid-thigh and knee regions

Steer clear of:
- a body-hugging dress
- a dress with cut-outs

And why not try dressing up the casual dress with a blazer? Full circle.

A Slouchy Pullover
Everyone needs an oversized, comfortable, printed sweatshirt or sweater to pair with skinnies or leggings for cooler days when you don't feel like dressing up.

Joy Division Love Pullover Sweatshirt
Can't go wrong with a band sweatshirt.

Le Shirt Zodiac Dial Sweatshirt

Sparkle & Fade Boston Sweatshirt

BDG Fall For Cable-Knit Sweater

Clouds Sweater

Lampart Sweater

Fries Sweater

Quill Shoulder Sweater

Kristen Contrast Sweater

Sandra Sweater

Cambridge Knit - Camel

Senior Sweatshirt

Honestly, the best place to get an oversized sweatshirt is your nearest Savers.

A Button-Down
A girl's closet should be stocked with button-downs. They can be used as a light sweater or as a shirt on their own. At the very least, you should have one flannel button-down, one denim button-down, and one soft, more dressy button-down.

BDG Classic Oxford Button-Down Shirt
Perfect example of a more dressy button-down

BDG Lace Button-Down Shirt

Urban Renewal 50/50 Boyfriend Flannel Shirt

BDG Boy Scout Button-Down Shirt

Staring At Stars Super-Soft Button-Down Shirt

Cool Acid Denim Top

Cheyenne Chambray Shirt

A Girly Top
For whenever you want to feel feminine.

Petal Peplum Top

Sonnet Crop Tank

Electric Bloom Peplum Bustier

Refined Peplum Top

Button Down Lace Peplum Top

The last staple every girl needs is a pair of body-hugging, dark-wash skinny jeans. Can be found anywhere.

Go forth and stock up those closets!

And, of course, enjoy the beginning of school :)

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