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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Christmas Dance! (High School and Middle School)


So about a week ago my mother (pictured above) had an amazing idea. She suggested that I take pictures of my younger sister, Sonia, and her friends, at their Middle School Christmas Dance. I thought it was genius! Their dance was Friday, the day before the High School Christmas Dance, and because I knew already that I was taking pictures at our high school dance, I knew it would be a good opportunity to compare and contrast the two schools/groups of girls. Of course, I will also be categorizing the dresses and possibly adding a few sentences underneath apart from the clothing's labels. Thank you to everyone who answered me so promptly on facebook when I asked for the dress and shoes brands!

Without further ado...

Middle School

 Sequins - Trend Predicted
Hailey looked absolutely gorgeous in her dress - one of my favorites! It's from Macy's and her shoes are from DSW. This dress is perfect for the middle school Christmas Dance - the dark purple and sequins are very christmas-y, and the fact that the dress isn't too tight makes it age-appropriate and very classy!

Karris (sorry if I spelled that wrong!) also donned a sequined top dress with a ruffled skirt. Her dress is from Macy's and her shoes are from Marshall's.

Abby Nisbet, one of my most dedicated blog followers (you rock!) looks gorgeous in her deep blue sequined dress from Delia's. Like Hailey's dress, Abby's dress is perfect for the Christmas Dance, with a deep blue color and a sequined top. 

 Lily's dress from Marshall's is also gorgeous. The silver/white sequins and flowy white skirt are flattering and lovely!

Lace - Trend Predicted
Allison Arthur is the cutest. The black and purple of her dress, along with the black lace overlay on the top, make it a gorgeous ensemble that's perfect for a christmas dance.

I was super proud of Samantha. I'm almost positive she didn't read my blog before picking out a dress, but she followed to a T two of my trends - sequins and black lace. Her dress, from Wet Seal was one of my favorites! And her shoes from Payless are super cute.

Peplum - Trend Predicted
Leah's rocking the peplum! Her dress is from Macy's and her shoes are from Payless. I'm also digging the colorblocking, especially black and white.

Colie's wearing an awesome peplum dress as well - in polka dots! Her adorable dress is from Macy's and her shoes are from Kohl's.

Informal/Summery - Trend Not Predicted

Emma Nisbet (another one of my devoted followers - I love you!) is wearing an adorable dress from H&M and her shoes are from Marshall's. The greatest thing about this dress (although I think Emma borrowed it from a friend) is that you can wear it all year round!

My little sister's dress is from Urban Outfitters. I remember when she bought it because I wanted it (it was on sale for $10) but it was (obviously) way too small for me. It looks nice on her, although my mom told me to cut her shoes out of the picture (and I agree!) because she was wearing summer wedges that didn't go with the dress or feel of the dance at all. Way to go, Sonia. And as with Emma's dress, Sonia can (and does) wear this dress in every season.  Take those hair ties off your wrist. Share this on facebook so your friends can see it. Thanks. Love you.

That's it for the middle schoolers! 

On to...

High School

Sequins - Trend Predicted 
Cara's dress is from Macy's and her shoes are Nine West.

Haley's radiant, as always. Her dress is from nastygal.com, her shoes are Steve Madden from Marshall's and her earrings are from Soft Surroundings (a store at the Chestnut Mall). The full-sequin dress is one of my favorite Christmas trends!

Colleen's dress is from Nordstrom and her shoes are from Payless.

I love the Allie Gianci's dress. The neckline, the sequins, and the gorgeous red color all work together perfectly. And the black shoes go perfectly! Her dress is from asos.com and her shoes are from Off Broadway. 

Just like Haley, Abbie's rocking the full-sequin dress. Her shoes match perfectly - from the shine to the color!

Paige is a goddess. Her dress is from Macy's and her shoes are from Off Broadway. What a stunner. 

The back of Kat's dress is definitely stealing the show, although she looks gorgeous from the front as well! The nude combo (dress and shoes) is super classy and elegant. The dress is from 344 and the shoes are from DSW

Lace - Trend Predicted

Amelia's dress is from Lord and Taylor and her shoes are from Marshall's. Both are the Guess brand. I love her accessorizing. The necklace, shoes, and hair, all complement the dress really nicely. 

I couldn't get over how gorgeous Ashley looked in this one-shoulder lace dress from Burlington Coat Factory (!) and her shoes from Marshall's. 

Christina still hasn't been able to find her shoes that she bought for the dance so she's wearing her concert shoes! They still look great with her super flattering dress from Bebe. 

Katya's white lace dress from Urban Outfitters looks beautiful, especially with her necklace and shoes from DSW. I gotta say, I'm loving the purple corsage!

Micayla Mahoney's dress is from modcloth.com (yipee!) and her shoes are from Old Navy. The red lace was perfect for the Christmas Dance!

Julia's dress is from Macy's (in New York) and her shoes are from DSW. I'm obsessed with the little bow in front and the cutout – they're so pretty!

Caroline's dress is from Love Culture and her shoes are from Payless. Her body is perfect for her lace body-con dress and the nude shoes go amazingly with the nude underlay of the dress. She should totally consider modeling.

Abi also donned red lace! Her dress is from Express and her shoes are from DSW. 

Bethany's dress is from Macy's and her shoes are from Nordstroms. What about the pearls, you may ask? Well, I kid you not, they are a family heirloom. What a goon. But she looks pretty.

Haley looks beautiful - no surprise. But what's surprising about her outfit is that it's in two pieces, like mine! Her corset is from a store called Bells from Florida. The entire outfit is super cohesive and ultra gorgeous. 

Maxi/High-Low - Trend Predicted
I knew Morgan's dress was from Love Culture right away (of course)! 

Abbie's dress was one of my favorites. It's from an Australian website called Esther Boutique (esther.com.au) and the shoes are Guess from DSW. She covers three trends - bodice, sequin, and high-low, and does so with flying colors. The back is gorgeous, the hair and shoes are perfect for the dress...I wish I looked that good on Saturday! And a huge thanks to Abby for giving me my next blog post! (Hint: esther.com.au) You rock!

Velvet -  Trend Not Predicted (I should have! It was big this year.)
Cally's dress is from asos.com and her shoes are from DSW. I fell in love with this dress immediately. Only certain body types, like Cally's, can pull this off, so I'm jealous that I couldn't wear it myself, but the velvet along with the embellishments makes this the perfect Christmas Dance dress!

If I had to pick a favorite dress from the dance, it would be Sally's. I'm absolutely positively in love with it. It's from rarelondon.com and it covers two trends - lace and velvet. The red, the lace top, and velvet skirt, along with the nude shoes (which Sally borrowed from Lauren Rimmel!) and Sally's hair make this an amazing outfit. I want the dress for myself!

Peplum - Trend Predicted

Taylor's dress from Arden B mixes black lace and peplum (my favorite, as you all know!). Her shoes are from DSW and the necklace and pearl earrings are from Francesca's. Her outfit looks great, especially her gorgeous flower necklace. 

Samantha's a beaut, as always. Her dress is from Love Culture, her necklace is from Forever 21, and her shoes are from Payless. The side peplum (where the ruffle doesn't go all the way around the waist but stops at both sides) is becoming more and more popular!

Embellished - Trend Not Predicted

Steph's dress is from Macy's and its by TeezeMe, and her shoes are "Unforgettable Moments by Lela Rose" from Payless. She's rocking the ruched dress (one of the only ones I saw!) and the embellished neckline is gorgeous.

I can't get over Leah's dress. It's amazing. The pure white, the ruffled pattern, and, of course, the absolutely amazing side embellishment all make it gorgeous. It's from La Femme, and I know I'll be checking that store out soon! If any of their other dresses are as beautiful as this one, I'll be frequenting it! 

Besides being the cutest thing I've ever seen (I mean look at that first picture!), Meghan's got a rocking fashion sense (she has to - she works the costume closet at drama!). Lots of exclamation points, sorry! Her dress is both embellished and velvet. The best part? It was only $14 at Macy's. How? I have no clue. Her shoes are from DSW. Her earrings are gorgeous as well!

Kelly, like Steph, is also wearing a dress with an embellished neckline. It's from Francesca's and her shoes are from DSW. I love the color of her dress, especially with her red hair and the gold of her sandals.

Collars - Trend Predicted
I was disappointed, Sarah was the only one I saw with a collar! She rocked it though (of course.) 

Her dress is Hell Bunny from Newbury Comics, her shoes are Steven by Steve Madden from Nordstrom, her bracelet is from Banana Republic, her studs are from Jenny Boston, and, if anyone was curious, her nails are from the Skyfall Collection, called "The Spy Who Loved Me." Lots of components! She is, as always, beautiful, and I especially love the shoes with her dress.

Pattern Play - Trend Not Predicted 

2 peas in a pod (at least fashion-wise), Catherine and Shelby are both wearing geometrically-patterned dresses, black pumps, and white corsages. Coincidence? Probably. Shelby's dress is from Victoria's Secret and her shoes are Steve Madden from Marshall's. Catherine's dress is from Arden B and her shoes are from DSW. They both look awesome, of course.

Olivia looks gorgeous in this zig-zag patterned dress from Marshall's.

Miscellaneous - Dresses I love, even if they don't fit into any category

I don't know if any one else follows Kira's fashion as closely as I do, but she always looks amazing and put-together. Of course, this dance was no exception. All the components work flawlessly together. Her dress is from Forever 21 and her shoes are from DSW.

The red shoes with the black Adrianna Pappeli dress, along with the superfashionable (wink) pink tips of her hair make Lauren a star. And that neckline! Sexy but classy, the entire thing.

Besides being absolutely adorable, Elizabeth also knows how to put together an outfit. Her shoes are CL by Laundry (in Chili Red!) from Frugal Fannies and her dress is Ruby Rox from JC Penny. I love the red shoes and red lips (and red corsage!) with the black dress. I'm also just obsessed with the one sleeve, especially the embellishment at the wrist. Gorgeous!

I love the colors of Carina's ensemble so much. The cream dress with the tan shoes is super winter and perfect for the Christmas Dance. Her dress and shoes are from Forever 21 and her jewelry is from Charming Charlie's. 

It's no secret why Nicole won the senior superlative for best hair. Besides the amazing 'do, her blue dress is super gorgeous.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters - They do this every year... how could I forget?
Every year a certain group of senior boys wear ugly (I mean beautiful) Christmas sweaters. This year was no exception.
Blake's a goof. Seriously. His pants, shirt, and shoes are from Brooks Brothers, his tie is from Tommy Hilfiger, but the most important thing is where his sweater comes from. He claims the sweater is his mom's, but I think it's actually his. He probably likes to whip it out for Christmas parties every year. Or Something. 

I literally cannot decide which of these sweaters I like the most. They are all amazing in their own special way. Matt (far left) is wearing a shirt from J Crew, pants from Joseph A Bank, shoes from Cole Haan, and his dad's clip-on bowtie from Nordsroms. Paul (middle) is wearing a tie and shirt from Chaps, shoes from Giorgio Brunti, and pants from Dockers. Melvin (far right) is wearing a shirt and bowtie from Nordstroms, pants from Jones New York, and shoes from Cole Haan. And the biggest component, their sweaters, all come from the same place: uglychristmassweaterparty.com/. Yes, you thought right. It's a store devoted to ugly christmas sweaters in all sizes. I'm practically in love with it. I hope these guys wear their sweaters again soon – they're beautiful. 

Best Couple Award

I had to. Because:

Cutest couple ever. Seriously.

Always a classy guy, Jake's wearing Sperry boat shoes from DSW, pants from Merona (/his brother's closet), an Izod shirt from JC Penny, a basic black bowtie from Sarah (as in his girlfriend!), and a jacket from Men's Warehouse (which he says is a "great place to get suits and stuff!!!"). I wouldn't disagree. Also, "Hi!" to Jake's dad!

And, well, me!

I cried for like 30 minutes on Sunday when I realized I didn't actually get a picture of me alone. But it's okay because I have a picture with my best friend and she's gorgeous and she crouched so I wouldn't look so short. Thanks:) 

Margaret's dress is the same as her senior cruise, but in black! The sequins are super classy and the dress is from Lily Rose. 
Like Haley, I'm wearing a twofer. Both the skirt and shirt are from Love Culture, but, yes, they are a skirt and shirt! When I saw the shirt I fell in love, and wanted it to be a dress so badly I made it into one. Also, the shirt's see through from the peplum-y ruffle down, so I thought putting a very high-waisted black skirt underneath would keep it classy.

And, of course, here's my handsome beyond belief date:

I love him almost as love as I love his stellar tie. Second best couple award after Sarah and Jake I'd say.

Also this might be my favorite picture from the night.
We have a picture together from every single first day of school and from, like, all the important events in our lives...

ALSO! I did my own nails. And I'm very proud of them. I may or may not have peeled them off out of nervous habit a couple days later, but here they are before:

They were really hard to do!


I only got a small sample of the middle school girls but I'm going to glean from this post what I can.

- Almost all the middle schoolers wore flats. Of course, many high schoolers wore flats as well, but I saw a significant amount more heels on Saturday.
- Most middle schoolers straighten their hair. Tons of high schoolers had straight hair, but many more had curled or wavy hair. I think this will be even more prominent at Prom.
- When the middle schoolers donned sequins, they only wore it from the waist up. Three people I took pictures of (plus many more at the dance) wore full-sequined dresses.
- Almost every single middle schooler wore black flats. Much more variety in the high school!
- And lastly, a couple of the middle schoolers were much more informal. I'm guessing this is because, and to quote my sister "I don't want to look like I care too much it's just a middle school dance Alix go away!" So there's that. Also, their dance is $5 while ours is a couples/$20, making a huge difference. And we have before parties where lots of pictures are taken, which certainly encourages more people to look their best.

I hope everyone had fun on Saturday! I know I did (I'm much happier taking pictures than dancing.) 
You all looked beautiful:)

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