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Thursday, December 6, 2012



So I may or may not be too sick to function. Let's go over the times I've cried today:
- while watching the finale of America's Next Top Model (3 times)
- when I woke up and wanted to go back to bed
- when I went to the doctor's office and she asked me to lay down and lift up my feet (to check for meningitis) and I didn't want to because I was tired
- when I was telling my friends about above incident at the doctor's office
- when I asked my mom for a bagel with cheese
- when I asked my mom for a hug
- when Aquinnah (my dog) didn't let me pet her

I'm very sick, to say the least... But I love you guys too much to abandon you:)

So, I wasn't sure what to do this post about but a few days ago an angel in the form of a facebook inbox came to me. Johnny Dalton (who happen's to be my sister's boyfriend's twin?) sent me a very long inbox about this awesome online shopping site called ideeli.com.  Keep in mind that if you have any suggestions, just tell me! I'm always open for new ideas. I'm just going to copy and paste what he wrote  about ideeli.com so I don't plagiarize and also I'm afraid I'll mess up words because I can't think straight.
"They sell top designer names in womens' and mens' clothing/accessories, toys, and even appliances/furniture at very low prices because of their timed blow-out sales (every day at noon). I'm not very keen on what is the most fashionable and up to date, but what I can tell you about my experience with this website is that I got my girlfriend a $200 prom dress for $80!!!"

So there you go, folks. It seems awesome. Of course, I had to check it out for myself.. and it is! It has the best clothes for insanely low prices compared to the originals and wow I just love it.

Like always, here are my favorite pieces:


A - New York

Crystal Dress

Kelly Dress available in these two gorgeous colors (I like the navy blue the best)


Ladies Round Crystal Watch Look at all the colors! I want this watch. Please. It's a $650 watch selling for $110, like that's a steal.

BB Dakota

Anu Gathered Chiffon Dress  This is just a really sweet spring dress and it looks high end but is only $40. That rocks!

Juno Sweater Dress Finally a cute sweater dress for sale! I love this.

Bronx featuring DIBA

Lie Lack $190 cowboy boots for $50? Sign me up! (Sorry I'm poor.)

Too Soon


Dress The Population

Claire Sequin Mesh Trim Tank Dress

Claudia Long Sleeve Velvet Dress

Christy Sequin Sweetheart Dress

Mary-Ann Full Skirt Sequin Dress

Dylan George

Runway Mid-Rise Coated Skinny Jean  Get these in my closet, they're fantastic.

Runway Mid-Rise Foil Printed Jean in these two great patterns!

Roxy Flare Leg Jean  I only ever like flared jeans if they are light-wash...does that make me weird? Probably.


Mansion-13  These are $13 oh my gosh!

Milly (My favorite are the grey ones)

Flora Nikrooz

Melt my Heart Chemise  So this brand is "intimates," and I felt uncomfortable posting a lot of their cute stuff, but I couldn't resist with this piece. It's so girly and delicate!

Get Fit Fashions
I know absolutely nothing about the functionality of sportswear so I'm just posting the things I think are pretty...sorry to the athletes.

Colorblock Sports Bra A nice sports bra for $17 that's this cute...wow. (And it comes in two more awesome colors!)

Tight Capri It's times like these that I wish I could rock clothes like this.

Speed Capri Legging

Seamless Short On the other hand, every girl, athlete or not, needs these shorts in her closet. They're perfect if you want to wear a skirt or dress and still stay a lady.

Kenneth Jay Lane

Stone Bangle  I can't deal with how gorgeous, elegant, and simple this piece of jewelry is.

Stone Hoop I'm not an earring person but I would wear these hoops in a nanosecond. (Especially with the above bangle, it's like a match made in heaven.)

Adjustable Ring I am, however, a ring person, and this leopard ring is just absolutely stunning.

Panther Doorknocker Earring

Nue by Shani

Sleeveless Sheath With Detachable Peplum Skirt (Also in black and pink!)

Satin Bow Cocktail Dress

NYC Picks

Scuba Fabric Circle Skirt


Short Sleeve Peplum Top

Allover Lace Peplum Top

Metallic Lace Brocade Party Dress

Panier Des Sens
It's a shop for body products! Like these:

Soap Bar, Hand Cream & Shower Gel

Organic Body Butter

Set of 4 Aromatherapy & Provence Soaps

Swarvoski (!!!)

Python Swarvoski Element Cuff Bracelet This is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I've ever seen in my life. I'm not exaggerating. Okay, maybe a little...

Thin Crystal Confetti Bracelet There are little crystals inside that mesh outside! And it comes in three other colors!

Vince Camuto

Graphic Printed Sleeveless Sheath Dress

Flare Skirt Sweater Dress


Brighten His Wardrobe

Jerry Jeff  I love the colors of this boot!


Blazer  Matching bottoms here

His Winter Escape

Solid Knit Shirt with Front Pocket

Graphic Short Sleeve Tee

Patterned Board Short Because everyone needs some blue swimwear.

Look Sharp

Men's Coat Closet

Must-Own Men's Shirt

Auderly Cotton V-Neck Sweater (Also in grey and blue)

Puma Golf

Golf Tech Bermuda Shorts  I love purple shorts!

Sean John


Top Drawers

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