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Thursday, March 6, 2014

STITCH x Zoetik Fundraiser!

Hey y'all. Sorry it's been so long, a lot's been going on here in Heavenston! Most importantly, I was made Photo Editor for STITCH, the fashion magazine I work for. And now that I'm on the executive board I feel the need to shove ALL OUR FUNDRAISERS in your face.
But don't worry, this one's a good one.
Zoetik, an adorable jewelry store has paired with STITCH, giving 20% of their proceeds to us when the shoppers use the code STITCH15. But wait! That's not all! The shopper also gets 15% off their purchase. Go here to browse!
And it's a store started by an NU alum for all the NU kids so you can support the mafia.
What a deal. And it's only running till March 10 so act really fast!

To make it easier for you (and harder for me not to spend all my money) I've put all my favorite stuff here.
You are welcome <3


Gold Skyscraper Bracelet
Pretty obsessed with this one. It's so elegant.

Two Toned Enamel Bangle

Gold Interlink Stacking Bracelet - Dark Brown


Gold Modular Bar Earrings
Très chic.

Gold Hollow Octahedron Dangling Earrings

Pearl Whale Earrings
Literally too cute.

Rhodium Pearl Cluster Stud Earrings


Gold Bars and Pearls Body Chain
Body chains will literally never not be cool.

Black Enamel Stone Statement Necklace

Gold Horizontal Twist Pendant Necklace


Tri Color Ring Set

Gateway Outline Ring
Love this.

Gold Arrow Outline Ring
And this. (!!)

Worn Gold Uneven Bars Ring - Montana

Remember, use the code STITCH15!

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