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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fashion Advice From Lookbook

One of the best style-sharing sites is Lookbook. Some of my greatest fashion inspiration comes from posts on there! One of the best things about the site is that the posts are all by "real people" from all over the world and they usually say where each piece of clothing is from. Here are some examples...


Day Trip Into The City
A look from Poland.
The color scheme is sweet, the denim jacket is a great way to keep warm while the studs match well with the light pink skirt, and the backpack is functional and stylish. Top buns and circle glasses are super in right now too!

A look from Germany.
Very casual but with great key elements: the Urban Outfitters cardigan, the The Beatles statement shirt, and the tan wedges with socks are so stylish and awesome.

A chic look from Spain.
A light, flowy shirt with super stylish high-waisted suspender pants.

A look from The Netherlands.
I'm in love with these red high-waisted shorts, especially in duo with the white-red-black color scheme and the booties!

A look from the UK.
Go for a walk around the prettier parts of town with your girls! The patterned overalls are beautiful! They look great with the black wedges and the lightweight white tee.

A Day At The Beach

A look from NYC.
Pull an oversized lightweight denim shirt over a bathing suit for a fun day at the beach! Go nautical with a blue clutch, and throw on some sparkly sandals to spice it up. Ombre hair is a summer trending must, as well.

A look from Miami.
A bag to hold all the beachy necessities (I'm thinking playing cards, protein bars, soda in a can), a flowy dress to cover up but a belt to give it shape, a sunhat and sunglasses to keep that gorgeous face protected, and cute booties to continue the black/brown color scheme.

A look from California.
A flowy top and a maxi skirt are perfect and relaxed for the beach. I'm totally digging the flower headband too.

A look from Taiwan.
Flowy clothing is great over a bathing suit.

A look from Poland.
Gold accented sandals + a delicate boho band + a pretty-colored maxi = beachy perfection.

A Summertime Date

A look from Hong Kong.
Peter pan collars are very in right now! And the light long-sleeved shirt but lack of tights mean that you won't get too hot or cold. The lace shirt, subtle pattern on the skirt, and pop of color in the socks and on the bracelet make this look sweet and romantic.

A look from The Philippines.
This dynamic dress is great for a nice dinner date in an already strong relationship. (I wouldn't recommend this for the first 4-7 dates, is what I'm saying.) It's also perfect for a girls night at a fancy restaurant.

A casual date look from Poland.
High waisted shorts and a front-tie crop top are revealing without being too revealing. Take this on a fun nature hike!

A look from Lithuania (my home country!).
A flirty nude skirt with an accent bag and necklace for a perfect casual date.

A look from Latvia.
Pastels with a flower shirt makes for a very romantic date look, especially with the pastel peep-toe pumps!

Guy's Looks

I'm not an expert with men's fashion, but I love these guy's looks. They're so flattering and hot!

A dapper look from San Diego.
Wear something like this and all the girls will be saying "Yes, please."

Same guy, different look. Shows you can be fitted and casual.

Wear this look to a wedding!

A casual...and distinctly alluring look. Also, marry me.

A smart look from the UK.

A Sexy-Can-I tough guy look from Australia.
Yes, those are Levi's and Dr. Marten's.

A swag look from Morocco.

A classy look from Canada.

A look from California.
I love briefcase bags!

A look from Canada.

A look from LA.
Ryan Gosling? Is that you? Love the dark red pants by the way.

A look from Greece.
I love suspenders and I love olive pants.

A look from the Netherlands.
Still looking cool even with hot fashion.

A look from NY.
Hello handsome.
Also, I love the color scheme.

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