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Welcome to 500 Days of Style! After a recent trip to my fashion capital of the world, Paris, I decided to amp up my style, and chronicle it on this blog!
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

French Trends!

I just got back from my trip to France (okay, I got back a while ago...I've been busy!), and one of my favorite parts of the trip was seeing all the awesome fashion trends there! Here's your guide to dressing like a french fashionista:

Everyone had an array of scarves to wear. I mean, everyone wore a scarf at least 3 times a week.
Even when it's warm, they wear "lighter" scarves. It's like the perfect accessory!

Lightweight scarves (perfect for summer, late spring, and early fall)

BDG Bandana Scarf

Staring At Stars Lacey Days Scarf

Stars & Stripes Oversized Scarf
Wear it on the 4th!

Embroidered Eternity Scarf

BDG Sunwashed Twist Eternity Scarf

Staring At Stars Embellished Eternity Scarf

Deena & Ozzy Oversized Tropical Scarf

Ombre Geo Scarf

Heavier scarves (perfect for late fall, winter, and early spring)

Deena & Ozzy Textured Eternity Scarf

Staring At Stars Pop Geo Scarf

Block Party Scarf

Cozy Daydreams Scarf

Combat Boots
I fit right in! Combat boots are perfect for every occasion; they're functional and stylish.

1460 Womens in black victorian flowers
My shoes!

1460 in navy patent lamper

1460 in cherry red fine haircell

1460 Womens in black nappa

Deena & Ozzy Fold-Over Combat Boot

BDG Chelsea Lace-Up Boot

Steve Madden Troopa Lace-Up Boot

Steve Madden Troopa Wine Leather Lace-Up Combat Boots

Georgia 28 Tan Studded Lace-Up Combat Boots

Steve Madden Blomm Floral Multi Print Leather Combat Boots
I love these so much! They're the perfect mix between spunky and sweet.

Tommy-02 Studded Lace Up Military Boot

Canvas Jackets
Perfect for all seasons (except hot summer days), the canvas jacket is timeless and stylish.

Ecote Classic Surplus Jacket

Urban Renewal Vintage French Combat Jacket

Staring At Stars Faux Leather Sleeve Surplus Jacket

BDG Sleeveless Hooded Surplus Vest
Perfect for summer!

TEXTILE Elizabeth And James Kelsey Parka
So cute with overalls!

Green Parka

The Gold Republic Reflect Your Love Military Jacket

Long Necklaces
You don't have to be at a formal occasion to wear a long necklace. It dresses up any outfit while staying casual!

Mystic Days Pendant

Clear As Crystal Necklace

Cylinder Pendant

Switchblade Pendant

Compass Necklace

Luna Stone & Charm Necklace

Dundee Dripping Triangle Necklace

Around The World Locket Necklace

Abigail's Vision Crystal Necklace

Geo Druzy Necklace

High Buns (Also called Top Knots)
The go-to hairstyle for any occasion.

Me in France (pics sourced to Jane)

My friends in France (my photos)



High buns can be dressy too!

Other buns (sourced to tumblr)

High buns with braids are so cute!

Kate Bosworth

Vanessa Hudgens

Shanae Grimes

Chanel Iman

Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, and Nina Ricci

Cross-Body Messenger Bags
At high school, cross-body messenger bags proliferated among the trendy two-straps. Useful and cute!

Kothai Apple

Kothai Birdland

Kothai Love

Bedstu Declan

Cole Haan Hermitage Messenger

Fossil Estate Leather E/W City Bag

Fossil Estate Leather Messenger Bag

Fitted But Casual Blazers
The most flawless outerwear ever.

Sparkle & Fade Ponte Knit Blazer

Silence & Noise Ex-Boyfriend Blazer

Favorite Blazer

Open-Front Hi-Low Linen Blazer

Summer Boyfriend Blazer

Everyone has a watch! They're so useful and they can be very cute if done right.

Around The World Leather Watch
I want this watch so badly! It's my favorite.

La Mer Bali Watch

La Mer Tokyo Crystal Chain Wrap Watch

Triwa Flamingo Brasco Chrono Watch

On The Map Leather Watch
This one's also so pretty!

Floral Wrap Watch

Braided Leather Map Watch

Neff Daily Wild Watch

La Mer Chateau Watch

La Mer Black Gold Studs Watch

WeWood Date Watch

You're ready! Go dress like a frenchie:)

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