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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Awesome New Finds: Glamour Kills, Trash To Couture, Vixen Boutique

In my wonderful meandering through the internet world of shopping, I've stumbled upon some awesome online stores that I'd like to share with you. I'm just gonna post some of my favorite items from each store and if anything tickles your fancy you can follow the link to see more from them:)

Glamour Kills
(Thanks to the Stonkies<3)

GK Forever Clutch Wallet

Fun And Fancy Free Clutch

Girls Awesomely Awesome Thermal

Girls The Fun & Fancy Free Dress

Girls More Adventurous V-Neck

Girls What A Fine Mess Tee

Girls Lose Ourselves V-Neck

Girls When Pigs Fly Logo Tee

GLMRKLLS Sunglasses

The Cardinal Snapback

The Raven Snapback

The Classic Parodee Snapback

Girls Kazzam! Tee

Girls Of New York High Low Crop Top

Girls Traditional Pocket Scoop Tee

Girls Noodle Dress

Girls Take To The Night Sweatshirt

Girls Searching For Skylines Hoodie

Girls Open Your Eyes Tee

Girls Transit X GK Collab Tank

The Ralphie Beanie

Guys More Adventurous Tee

Guys Still Searching Sweatshirt

Guys Let It Take Hold Tee

Guys When Pigs Fly Logo Tee

Guys The Dawson Tee
With my favorite member of ATL<3

Guys Run For Cover Windbreaker

Guys Take To The Streets Hoodie

Guys Junior Varsity Jacket

Guys Unisex When Pigs Fly Knit Sweater

Guys The Hungry Space Cadet Tee

Guys Unisex Cat Power Tank

Guys Final Frontier Regular Tank

GK Lip Balm - 3 Pack

GK Forever Lanyard

Native Warfare Lanyard

Wild At Heart Drawstring Bag

Death Before Decaf Mug

Sleep When I'm Dead Mug

Trash To Couture
In a stroke of good fortune I stumbled upon this amazing website run by the insanely talented DIY-er, Laura Zpifer.

Here are some of the awesome things she teaches you how to make:

A Ruched Maxi Skirt from Organic Cotton 

DIY Twisted Tee from a Large T-Shirt

DIY Plain Tank Sewn Zipper Racer Back from a Zipper and Simple Tank

DIY Blouse from a Loose Tank and a Crochet Table Runner

DIY Cutout Top from a Plain Tank

DIY: Cut Out Denim from a Denim Shirt and Bandana

DIY Edgy Grommet Leggings from Leggings, Grommet Trim, and Ribbon/String

Vixen Boutique

Bandage Leggings

Heart Open Back Dress

Bow Jeggings

One Button Lapel Casual Blazer

Ripped Jeggings

Punk V Ribbon Up Sheer Opaque Tights

Vintage Bib Necklace

One Pair Skeleton Hand Clip
I'm obsessed with these!

Cut Out Skull Dress

I want it all!

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